Topic 10: Nationalism and independence in India (1919–1964

This topic examines the development of nationalism in India, from the end of the First World War to the achievement of Indian independence. It also examines the development of India to 1964.

Specifically this topic covers:

  • The impact of the First World War on political developments in India between the two wars
  • The impact of key groups and individuals in India in the development of nationalism; their actions and the consequences of these actions
  • Growth of Muslim separatism
  • Impact of the Second World War
  • The development of India post-independence

1. The impact of the First World War on India

This section looks at how India was affected by the First World War - how the events of this four year conflict affected the attitudes of Indians towards British rule and how the British responded to...

2. The inter-war years; growing pressure on Britain

The inter-war years saw the Indian population challenging British rule though campaigns of civil disobedience led by Gandhi.

3. Growth of Muslim separatism

This section considers the growth of Muslim separatism in the years following the 1937 elections: Jinnah's Two Nations theory and the impact of the Lahore Resolution.

4. The impact of the Second World War on India

This page examines the impact of the Second World War on British rule in India and the growing divisions between Hindu and Muslim which would ultimately lead to Partition.Guiding questions

5. Post independence India 1947 - 1964

This page looks in more detail at the consequences of Partition and at the impact of Nehru's policies in India 1947 to 1964.Guiding questions:What were the immediate results of Partition?

6. Nationalism and Independence in India: Essay planning

On this page you will find some ideas to help you plan and write essays on this topic.Task OneReview of key issuesIn pairs review this topic and add evidence to the following grids (either copy the grids...

7. Nationalism and Independence in India: Videos

In addition to the videos below, others can be found on the various ATL pages for this topic, linked to specific activities.This is from a BBC series for schools. It is a good (if brief) overview on Gandhi's...

8. Nationalism and Independence in India: Extra resources

On these pages you can find useful websites for this unit along with historians' texts that students might find enjoyable to develop their understanding further. We have also included fiction and movies...

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