5. Edexcel history: Paper 3

This page provides an overview of where the content on this site overlaps with A level Edexcel for Paper 3, Themes in Breadth with aspects in depth.

Option 37.2: Germany, 1871–1990: united, divided and reunited
The following 'depth' areas for this topic are covered on this site:

The birth of democratic Germany 1917 - 1919:

Option 38.1: The making of modern Russia, 1855–1991
Depth themes:

1. The political reforms of Alexander II, 1855–70

2. Revolution and reform, 1904–06

3, The end of the Romanovs and the triumph of the Bolsheviks, 1916–18

4. Khrushchev and attempts to reform the Soviet system, 1956–61

5.  Gorbachev and the downfall of Soviet communism, 1985–91

Option 38.2: The making of modern China, 1860–1997 
Breadth theme:

2 Ideologies and individuals behind economic growth

Much of the content for this theme can be found on the pages below

Depth themes covered on this site:

1 Opening up China to foreigners, 1860–70

2. Defeat and humiliation, 1894–1901

3. First and Second Opium Wars

In mid-19th century, two conflicts, known as the First and the Second Opium Wars were fought between Britain and Qing China. The ‘unequal’ treaties that were subsequently imposed on the defeated...

3. The Japanese threat, 1931–41

4 The Sino-Soviet split, 1958–69 

Option 39.1: Civil rights and race relations in the USA, 1850–2009
The following 'depth' areas for this topic are covered on this site:

1 ‘Free at last’, 1865–77


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