Topic 10: Emergence of the Americas in global affairs (1880–1929)

This topic focuses on the changing role of the Americas in global affairs between 1880 and 1929.

Specifically this topic covers:

  • The expansionist policies of the US after 1890 and reasons for these policies
  • The causes and effects of the Spanish - American War
  • Impact of US foreign policies
  • US and the First World War: reasons for neutrality and then involvement, Wilson's involvement in the peace process and response to this within the US, the War's impact on the US' influence in the Americas
  • Involvement of one country in the Americas in the First World War
  • Economic, political and social impact of the First World War on any two countries in the Americas

1. United States’ expansionist foreign policies

Towards the end of the 19th Century, the US became more involved in foreign affairs and imperial expansion. This was for a variety of economic, political and strategic reasons which were underpinned...

2. Spanish–American War (1898): causes and effects

The Spanish-American War was a major turning point in USA foreign policy; it ended Spanish colonial rule in the Americas and resulted in the US gaining territories in the western Pacific and in Latin...

3. Impact of United States’ foreign policies: Big Stick; Dollar Diplomacy; moral diplomacy

Between 1901 and 1917, under the 'progressive presidents', Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson, the US increasingly engaged in foreign affairs with renewed emphasis that US actions...

4. United States and the First World War: from neutrality to involvement

When the First World War started in Europe, the United States adopted a policy of neutrality.

5. Wilson’s peace ideals

Wilson had very clear views as to how peace should be reached in Europe and what ideals should underpin any peace treaty.

6. Significance of First World War for the US's hemispheric status

Although the US did not join the League of Nations or the Permanent Court of Justice after the First World War, it did not return to its pre-war policy of isolation.

7. Involvement of Canada in the First World War

As part of the British dominion, Canada entered the First World War as soon as the British had declared war on Germany/

9. Involvement of Brazil in the First World War

Brazil was the only Latin American nation to actively participate in the First World War.

9a. Impact of the First World War on Brazil

The First World War left Brazil had a profound impact on Brazil's economy and on its international standing. The war also led to the rise of new political forces which were to have an impact in the l920s...

9b Impact of the First World War on Canada

The First World War was not only costly for Canada in terms of loss of life, it also exacerbated social tensions at home.

Emergence of the Americas: Essay planning

This page contains a variety of essay writing exercises and essay plans for this topic.


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