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The Purpose Challenge 23 August 2019

Student (and staff) wellbeing is becoming an increasingly central concern. And yet, according to a 2018 survey, many high school students don’t believe their schools have done enough to help them deal... more

2019 - 2020: A New School Year 20 August 2019

The beginning of a new school year is a good opportunity to remind all the school community what your big idea(s) are, not least because you will have new staff, pupils and parents joining the school... more

Questions for the beginning of term 20 August 2019

For me it's personal this year. I have a daughter who is starting her new school, and they will care for her until she is 18. I want to ensure that she will get the best support so that she can fulfil... more

The science of teaching and learning 14 August 2019

A new academic year is about to start in the northern hemisphere. As new staff join the schools, and academic teams are reformed, it is a good opportunity to review our beliefs about what makes learning... more

Why | How | What of curriculum design 14 June 2019

Professional inquiryAny of the following questions could act as provocations for staffroom discussion:What we teach our students and in what order is a challenge for all schools and educational jurisdictions... more

Tell your kids ... 5 June 2019

Let us never forget why we came into education: to make a positive difference to the lives of young people. At the heart of all that we do is that individual child, with their hopes, aspirations, fears... more

Top 10 Staffroom Discussions 5 June 2019

Discussion and professional reflection are at the heart of lively staffrooms. This website opens up many current educational debates. This blog directs you to some of these.Homework - to be or not to... more

Character Lab 5 May 2019

What makes an education worthwhile? This question goes to the heart of our purpose as educators. It is a question I return to often in workshops with school leaders and teachers, since it is easy to side-tracked... more

April Update 24 April 2019

Since January I have been working with IB Global to help them prepare for the launch of the new Standards and Practices (S&Ps) that come into effect next year (2020).My role as one of two lead developers... more

Put LEARNING centre stage 18 April 2019

"If we want our students to actually learn the facts and concepts and ideas we’re trying to teach them, they have to experience those things in some way that rises above abstract words on paper. They... more