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Tuesday 26 September 2017

The 2017 IB Workshops and Services Catalogue is worth looking at.

What is an IB Education?

If you want to reignite excitement into your IB programme(s) why not consider their new suite of workshops of 'What is an IB Education?'

The IB have created four new workshops which are intended for teachers of all four IB programmes. They explore the question ‘What is an IB Education?’ They offer provocative learning experiences around ideas central to the IB’s mission of making the world a better place through education.

The four workshops are:

  • Approaches to learning: Explores the skills students' require for life-long learning.
  • Investigating inquiry: Explores how teachers can support student inquiry.
  • Living and learning globally: Explores how we can prepare students with the knowledge and competencies to thrive in a globally interconnected world.
  • Beyond the disciplines: Explores how we provide teaching and learning opportunities that reflect the unity of knowledge within, between and across disciplines.

On this website you will – as the site develops - find many resources for exploring the themes that arise in these workshops.


Knowledge - how do we know?

What is our Global Context?

A new generation of (IB) leaders

The catalogue also introduces the new and popular IB Leadership Workshops for emerging and established IB School Leaders. The key focus for each of these workshops is what it means to be a school leader of international education. They are based in educational research ( IB Approach to Leadership) and develop 7 specific intelligences of an international school leader, namely: strategic, cultural, pedagogical, relational, reflective, entrepreneurial and heuristic intelligence.


IB Leadership Pathway

IB Approach to Leadership

IB Leadership Intelligences:  What is Strategic Intelligence? What is Cultural Intelligence? What is Pedagogical Intelligence? What is Relational Intelligence? What is Reflective Intelligence? What is Entrepreneurial Intelligence? What is Heuristic Intelligence?

IB Leadership Workshops

Create teaching and learning solutions

If you want to plan a coordinated approach to embedding your IB programmes further look at their new 'scenario guides' which consider IB World Schools at their different stages of implementation.

School Enhancement Services

What about considering customised solutions to meet your specific needs? For the first time the IB ared providing coordinated approaches.

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