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Tuesday 19 June 2018

What do teachers read to keep themselves up-to-date with teaching and learning strategies?

One of my roles is to support school governing boards appoint headteachers and principals. One of my standard questions is ‘what are you reading about education at the moment?’ Surprisingly this appears to be one of the more tricky questions for them to answer. It appears to me that educators, unlike doctors, do not automatically keep themselves up-to-date with the latest educational research. There may be many reasons for this, not least the busyness of their day jobs. My observations are supported by academic researchers such as Professor Robert Coe, who wrote “most teachers would never choose to read a book on education and almost none could say they have read more than one such book a year during the time they have been practicing.”

Professor Coe goes on to provide his list of sources of educational research for teachers: things he considers worth reading. It is a really useful starting place. “Most are written for a teacher audience, ie not too technical, jargon-filled or unnecessarily complex. They may be more likely to challenge, provoke and inform than immediately inspire: more balanced meal than fast food. But hopefully something nutritious to chew on, digest and enjoy.”

If you wish to see his full list click HERE. Here is my selection from his list for you to consider.

Online and free

Effective Teaching and Learning

How learning happens

Before you access the following resources you may like to read Tom Sherrington's superb blog on Evidence informed ideas every teacher should know about, in which he provides a succinct summary of key principles on how learning happens. It really is excellent. Click HERE to access it.

Teachers’ professional development and learning

School improvement and leadership

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