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Wednesday 7 November 2018

How do you get students engaged and increase their agency over their learning?

Our first, and it could be argued our main, job is to engage students in the learning process. Afterall, it is all about their learning and not specifically about our teaching.

Engagement is about helping students find their spark and make their own fire. Researchers have identified four key elements that help develop this kind of student engagement (Ryan & Deci, 2000):

  • Autonomy over what they learn. Typically, the more autonomy students have, the higher their level of intrinsic motivation.
  • Competence, or self-efficacy, occurs when a student has the necessary skills to complete the assigned task successfully.
  • Relatedness is often achieved by high-quality relationships with teachers, as well as connecting with their classmates.
  • Relevance means that the activities we ask students to do relate to topics that students are genuinely curious about.

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