May Update

Wednesday 23 May 2018

What's New?

With near half a million words on this website it is not always easy to pick out what has been recently added. I therefore intend to provide on-going 'What's New?' blogs signposting some of the pages that have been uploaded recently. Most of these pages have arisen out of requests of InThiniing readers. If you have any requests or suggestions please be in contact using the messages facility at the top of each page.

In addition, as ever, I have been improving and adding to existing pages.

May Exams

At the beginning of the May exam session I added the following piece aimed to help prepare your students (and staff) for thre up-coming exams.

Exam time! 

Approaches to Teaching and Learning

This appears to be the one area of the Diploma Programme that is exercising leaders' minds. It is certainly where I am being asked to facilitate more and more workshops. Specific areas will interest individual schools based on their development needs. The website now contains pages on each of the approaches to teaching and learning and their sub-categories. During the last few weeks I have added the following pages, based on specific requests:

IB Evaluation

If you are preparing for your five-year IB evaluation you may find these new pages helpful:

Job Descriptions

The IB does not provide template job descriptions for key posts. However, all IB schools will need these job descrptions. You may find the following pages helpful:

Performance Appraisal

It is that time of year when I carry out appraisals of school leaders. It has encouraged me to reflect on our practice and protocols. You may find these two pages helpful:

May in the UK

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