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Wednesday 17 October 2018

Can you get more value out of this IB School Leadership website?

Hot Pages

As author I have access to a dashboard showing me which are the ‘hot pages’ – pages on the website that are being continually revisited. It will not be a surprise to you or I that these are IB specific pages on

This website aims to be a one-stop-shop for all IB leaders and coordinators.

Can I therefore highlight some other pages which others have found useful but are less visited?

Learner Profile

Learner Profile Assemblies: The website contains a collection of assemblies on each of the attributes of the learner profile.

Theory of Knowledge         

Theory of knowledge should permeate all of the Diploma Programme subjects. Does your TOK Coordinator and subject teachers use the section on TOK which contains:

Leadership training

The first half of the website has been written to help you as Head of School, members of the senior leadership team and members of the middle leadership team. In this section you will find:

Senior Leadership

What is leadership? This section provides you with mini-workshops | training sessions you could use with both your senior and middle leadership teams as part of your leadership training programme.

Middle Leadership

Dimensions of Leadership: This looks as four key aspects of leadership which are centeal to the middle leader’s role:

Pedagogical leadership

This section is relevant for both senior and middle leaders as they lead teaching and learning in the school.

Happy exploring!

If there are topics you would like to see on the site do not hesitate to use the comments facility at the bottom of each page to make your suggestions.


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