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Sunday 31 March 2019

Seekers bringing wonder and curiosity

Inquiry is at the heart of putting students in the driving seat of their own learning and developing their agency over their learning.. 'Inquirers' is one of the attribuites of the IB Learner Profile and the first of the IB approaches to teaching.

Inquiry-based learning has been the focus of  my work with a whole school faculty - PYP | MYP | DP - in Botswana. They have at the heart of their mission and purpose as a school this wonderful mantra:

“We seek to bring wonder and curiosity to our students through an inquiry model of teaching and learning.”

This reminded me of what Warren Berger says in A more beautiful question - he calls it the Wondrous Circle. You find yourself in a state of wondering which leads you to curiosity, and then curiosity leads to questionning. So how do we create this wondrous cycle in our classrooms. Participants in the workshop came up with the following tips.


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9 Mar 2019


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