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Great free video resources

Sunday 24 January 2021

Excellent video and podcast series to start discussions in your school

Tom Sherrington and Emma Turner, UK-based and internationally-recognized education authors and consultants, have a lot on their minds. From best practices in classroom teaching to sustaining PD that makes an impact, they’re aware of the techniques that work, those that don’t, and the gaps that exist in education systems, within and across nations. In this podcast, they present proven strategies and interview experts from around the globe to share timely insights on K-12 trends; research-based approaches in need of greater reach; and innovative strategies to close global gaps.

Episode 1: Preparing students for the future

Episode 2: Models of leadership

Episode 3: Chartered College of Teaching

Episode 4: Effective leaders build

Episode 5: 'Gradeless' teaching

Episode 6: Importance of having empathy (on brain and learning)

Episode 7: Social justice & school leadership

Episode 8: Teaching for mastery

Episode 9: Professional development

Episode 10: Curriculum design and learning

Episode 11: Quality assurance

Episode 12: Leadership design thinking

Episode 13: School culture

Episode 14: Student progress

Episode 15: Online teaching

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