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Opening a United World College11 March 2017

The United World College (UWC) promises “Education like no other”. The movement was founded in 1962 when Atlantic World College in Wales opened. Reflecting the compelling vision... more

What is International Education?2 March 2017

It would be heart-warming to provide a positive, warm and congratulatory response to this question. For the most part the next thousand or so words aren’t going to do that although it will, with a little... more

Getting marketing right1 March 2017

Marketing your new school is essential. It is important to communicate to all interested stakeholders the key aspects of your unique educational offering (your value proposition). An essential element... more

Diary of an international head28 February 2017

Nothing can completely prepare you for your first year in a new international school. You are trying to acclimatize yourself to a new country and context whilst at the same time being responsible for... more

Getting the curriculum right26 February 2017

Which curriculum should you choose for students in an international school? The choice will largely depend on your context. Sometimes you will inherit a legacy curriculum. If you are the first head establishing... more

Designing your own curriculum26 February 2017

I first heard the term, “suitcase curriculum”, from Bambi Betts. For me it means teachers, parents, students and school leaders were not on the same page with understanding what was being taught,... more

International Early Years - Primary - Middle Curriculum26 February 2017

Fieldwork Education has been improving learning in classrooms and school communities worldwide for more than 30 years through our range of international curriculums for children aged 2-14 and our professional... more

Finance - Case Study26 February 2017

AlignmentFinancial planning is at its most effective when it is fully aligned with both the school’s strategic plan and the vision the community has for the school in the long term. When these three... more

PechaKucha 20x20 24 February 2017

PechaKucha 20x20 is an alternative to the six word memoir. This is something you can use with students and teachers. PechaKucha 20x20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for... more

Getting the vision rightfree21 February 2017

The vision for your school is your glue and the foundation of your brand. It underpins the logic of your curriculum and all your decision making, engenders loyalty, frames your successes, strengthens... more