This section explores what it means to be an IB World School An IB Education , how to become an IB World School (Authorization Process, IB Authorization ) and how to continually develop as an IB World School (The 5 Year Evaluation Cycle, IB Evaluation ).

The role of leadership is essential, as the IB makes clear: "Effective leadership and management of the change process, starting with a willingness and readiness for change to occur, are essential prerequisites. The scale and scope of the change, and the time needed to embed these changes, must not be underestimated. Schools must recognize that the change process does not stop once a programme has been fully implemented. Evaluation and development must continue as schools' experience with the programme allows for improvement in an ongoing cycle of evaluation, review and development." (Diploma Programme: From principles into practice, IB, 2015:18)

You may like to refer to the section of this website on  Change Management which examines how major changes can be made within a school, and especially How do leaders best manage change? which includes tips for bringing about change and an article written by Julian H Jefferys when he was IB Coordinator and Assistant Head responsible for preparing the school to introduce the Diploma Programme in Canberra, Australia.

Our professional inquiry is:

  • To explore the philosophical and administrative implications of running the Diploma Programme (DP) in your school.
  • To understand how the IB Diploma Programme model holistically links the IB mission and philosophy, approaches to teaching and learning, and the curriculum (core and subject groups).

  • To explore the IB Programme Standards and Practices and the processes involved in application for candidacy and authorization and in the 5-year evaluation.

  • To examine the implications for the school and its community of implementing the DP, including costs and staffing.

The IB have produced a very helpful video What is an IB education?  which is an excellent introduction. Click here to access it. It is certainly useful to use with stakeholder groups - staff (especially new staff), pupils and parents.

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