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Problem of the Weekfree8 April 2021

skip to the Problem of the Week list belowTo me, a 'problem' is a question for which it is not clear how to begin a solution. The vast majority of questions that students are asked to answer during a... more

Sample Mock Exams1 April 2021

Important: In an effort to maintain security and value, please do not share any of my mock exams - either digital or paper copies - with anyone outside of your school's mathematics department. Thank you. more

Mock Examsfree1 April 2021

* Recent updates *25 March 2021: A second HL Paper 3 mock exam (MockB) with worked solutions has been posted on the Sample Mock Exams page.21 March 2021: A table with suggested grade boundaries for the... more

Triangle trig & applications23 March 2021

A large portion of the Geometry & Trigonometry syllabus topic (especially SL) focuse on trigonometry - and a large portion of the trigonometry content involves what I would refer to as "triangle" trigonometry.... more

5. Calculus18 March 2021

The Calculus topic has the largest number of suggested teaching hours of the five syllabus topics: 28 hours for SL (just one more hour than the Statistics & Probability topic at SL) and 55 hours for HL... more

Managing the Exploration11 March 2021

I have written a Student Guide for the Exploration (v9) which can be viewed on the Exploration Student Guide page. The page has been marked as 'student accessible' so the Exploration Guide can be shared... more

Differential equations HL (TN)28 February 2021

HL syllabus content: first order differential equations; numerical solution of \(\frac{{{\rm{d}}y}}{{{\rm{d}}x}} = f\left( {x,y} \right)\) using Euler’s method; by separation of variables; homogeneous differential equations; solutions using the integrating... more

3. Geometry & Trigonometry11 February 2021

The Geometry & Trigonometry topic has twice as much content at the HL level (51 suggested teaching hrs) than the SL level (25 suggested teaching hrs) because there is no vectors content at the SL level. more

Linear regression (TN)10 February 2021

A more precise title for this syllabus content would be linear correlation of bivariate data - or, alternatively, simply bivariate statistics. It is worth emphasizing the word bivariate since it is critical... more

Probability of events (TN)10 February 2021

■ downloadable teaching materials for probabilities of eventsThe syllabus content on the probabilities of events overlaps a little with the other probability part of the syllabus: probability distributions... more