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Problem of the Weekfree17 October 2021

skip to the Problem of the Week list belowTo me, a 'problem' is a question where it is not immediately clear how to begin writing a solution. The vast majority of questions that students are asked to... more

Sample Mock Exams12 October 2021

Important: In an effort to maintain security and value, please do not share any of my mock exams - either digital or paper copies - with anyone outside of your school's mathematics department. Thank you. more

Mock Examsfree12 October 2021

* Recent updates *12 Oct 2021: HL Paper 1 (mock B) exam corrected - new version MockB_AA_HL_P1_2021_v2 and worked solutions posted24 Sept 2021: New HL Paper 1 exam posted - MockB_AA_HL_P1_2021 more

Mini Explorations6 October 2021

In the Internal Assessment portion of the May 2019 Mathematics SL Subject Report, the first comment made in the section Recommendations and guidance for the teaching of future candidates was that “Candidates... more

HL Paper 3 exam5 October 2021

Four HL Paper 3 sample questions on Sample Paper 3 HL Qs page.When the teaching of the IB maths courses Analysis & Approaches (AA) and Applications & Interpretation (AI) began in 2019, perhaps the most... more

Sample Paper 3 HL Qs28 September 2021

This page contains Paper 3 HL sample questions that I have written - along with worked solutions. The purpose of these sample questions is to provide appropriate questions for your HL students to work... more

Managing the Exploration17 September 2021

I have updated my Student Guide for the Exploration to version 13 which can soon be viewed on the Exploration Student Guide page or downloaded here. Th Exploration Student Guide page has been marked as... more

Start-of-Course Assessment10 September 2021

It is very important to design some lessons at the start of the first year to gather information and insights as to whether the students arriving in your class(es) are sufficiently prepared so that they... more

TI-Nspire Top Tipsfree9 September 2021

The TI-Nspire is a very powerful and multi-faceted calculator that is more aptly described as a 'handheld device' and can be likened to a small computer - albeit one specifically designed for doing and... more

P.o.t.W. #14 Solution8 September 2021

(a) Let the total number of coins in the well at time \(t = n\) be S. Then,\(1 + 2 + 3 + \ldots + \left( {n - 2} \right) + \left( {n - 1} \right) + n = S\) (1)This can be re-written, such that\(n + \left( {n - 1} \right) + \left( {n - 2} \right) + \ldots + 3 + 2 + 1 = S\) (2)\(\left( 1 \right) + \left( 2 \right)\) gives: more