• Covers both External Assessment (written exams - 80%) and Internal Assessment (Student Exploration - 20%)
  • complete, original Mock Exams (Paper 1 & Paper 2) for HL and SL with full markschemes
  • multi-unit cumulative exams with each covering a significant portion (but not all) of the syllabus - with full solution keys
  • comprehensive set of 33 tips for students on taking Math HL & SL exams
  • full details for the Internal Assessment component (Exploration)
  • comprehensive advice on managing the Exploration with students
  • more than 200 ideas & topics for Explorations
  • a set of Sample Explorations with comments & notes

circle Assessments for Maths HL & Maths SL consist of written exams (external assessment) and a single internal assessment (IA) task. Maths HL has three written exams and SL has two written exams. The IA task for both HL & SL is an exploration (6-12 page report) researched and written during a period of a few weeks.

circle The exams contribute 80% and the exploration is 20% of a student's final overall score for both Maths HL & Maths SL.

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Problem of the Week 17 October 2021

skip to the Problem of the Week list belowTo me, a 'problem' is a question where it is not immediately clear how to begin...


Trigonometry Proof 1 10 April 2016

download document with problem and proof on second page Trig Proof1 with solution v2click on 'eye' to see proof


3 Circles Inside a Circle 10 April 2016

Problem:The three smaller interior blue circles are congruent, tangent to each other and tangent to the larger exterior...

Start-of-Course Assessment 10 September 2021

It is very important to design some lessons at the start of the first year to gather information and insights as to whether...

IA - Exploration 24 December 2019

The Internal Assessment (IA) requirement for both Maths-Analysis & Approaches (SL & HL) is for students to write a paper...

Exams 26 October 2017

DetailsExternal assessment (written exams) contributes 80% to the final grade that a student earns for either Maths HL or...

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