IB Core

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Extended Essay 24 April 2018

The assessment regime for extended essays has changed and a new set of assessment criteria will be applied to extended essays...

Invented or Discovered? 19 October 2014

In a TOK class or inserted into a maths lesson, present students with the question shown below. After some discussion and...

Conjecture - Proof Activity 19 October 2014

conjecture - proof activityI have always found this a very effective and enjoyable activity for TOK students. It is important...

Theory of Knowledge 19 October 2014

The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course is not easy to describe in just a few words - but, if I am forced to, I would say that...

Math Quotes 3 May 2010

Einstein, Albert (1879-1955)The truth of a theory is in your mind, not in your eyes.[In H. Eves, Mathematical...

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