TI-Nspire Activities

TI-Nspire ActivitiesThis page contains a large selection of activities that students can interact with to learn and review a wide variety of topics and skills for IB Maths SL & HL students. Some of the activities are also suitable for teachers to use for conducting dynamic and effective demonstrations in the classroom. Students engage with each activity by means of a TI-Nspire file that can be performed on a TI-Nspire handheld device, TI-Nspire computer software, or the TI-Nspire app for the iPad.

Each activity below includes two items: (1) a brief video (around 1 to 3 minutes) that gives a teacher an overview of the avtivity and tips/ideas before students work with the activity, and (2) the TI-Nspire file (.tns file suffix) that contains the interactive activity which will need to be placed on each student's TI-Nspire device. Click on the name of the TI-Nspire file to download it.
Note: Although the 'type' of each TI-Nspire file is a TI-Nspire CAS Teacher Software Document, it will run on both the CAS and non-CAS version of the handheld device or computer software.

♦   41 TI-Nspire activities / teacher videos   ♦

Click on name of activity to move directly to the teacher video and TI-Nspire file download for that activity - or simply scroll through the activities/teacher videos below the list (appear in same order as in the list). There is a very brief description given for each activity, but the best way to gain some insight into the activity is to watch the teacher video - by either clicking on the embedded video or clicking on the name of the activity which will open the Youtube video. Clicking on the name of the TI-Nspire file will allow you to download the file (TI-Nspire document).

Download all 41 TI-Nspire activities in one zip file by clicking here.

Prior Learning Topics
Fractions, Decimals & Percents
Percentage Change
Integer Calculations
Significant Figures
Scientific Notation
Factorising & Expanding
Algebra Review
Rearranging Formulae
Bearings Demonstration

Algebra  +  Functions & Equations
Argand Diagram laugh
Mandelbrot Set laugh
Function Explorer
Inverse Function Graphs
Inverse Functions
Transformations of Graphs
Roots of Polynomials
Linear, Quadratic & Cubic Functions
Sum & Product of Roots of a Polynomial laugh

Trigonometry  +  Vectors
Degrees and Radians
Transformations of Trigonometric Graphs
Area of a Triangle
Cosine Rule
Vector Properties & Scalar Product

Statistics & Probability
Mean, Median & Standard Deviation
Standard Deviation
Binomial Distribution
Poisson Distribution laugh
Normal Distribution

Secant Line to Tangent Line
Gradient (Slope) Explorer
Exploring Linear Motion
Differentiation Rule Recognition
Find the Function 1
Find the Function 2
Find the Function 3
Maximum Volume of a Box
Maximum Volume of a Cone
Definite Integral Intro
Area Between Two Curves
Modelling Linear Motion
Integration – Mixed Exercises laugh

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