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New Internal Assessment 23 December 2020

As we say farewell to the old math(s) studies course, many of us are winding up for our first run through the Internal Assessment cycle for the new AI course. There are more than a few pressure points... more

Pearson's (r) for Discrete data? 12 December 2020

A subscriber asked the below, 'good' question: "I have a student that wants to look at the correlation between time students spend on their phones and IB predicted grade. Will the student get penalized... more

What are the chances? 4 December 2020

This news from South Africa about a set of consective numbers that came out is just too good for a mathematics and ToK teacher. It is just so charged with potential for investigation and discussion so... more

The end of an era! 22 November 2020

Students in southern hemisphere schools have just finished their exams and so the final session for Maths Studies has finished and the course is officially closed. This feels like the end of an era to... more

Election Fever 8 November 2020

Clearly, we will all have different priorities for news, but rightly or wrongly, where I live and in my social media bubbles this week, the US elections have been front and centre. I'll spare you the... more

14th October 14 October 2020

This week with the class of 2021 - I can't claim a deep understanding of the 'r' numbers that are being thrown around the media at the moment, but I think the basic maths is a perfect application for... more

Statistics telling Stories 11 October 2020

This is a title I have used for a number of workshops I have run and is the way I approach much of the applications course. Statistics and the way we choose to present them tell stories and the story... more

Covid - International reactions to High school certification 21 August 2020

UNESCO provide this broad, and detailed, summary of how different countries across the world have reacted to Covid in terms of the end of school/pre-university examinations.This blog entry from the World... more

Day 10 - Online School 27 March 2020

Week 2 - wrapped up!Well done to all of you out there who have just done another week of virtual school and all that comes with it. I am inspired by some of the amazing things that are going on in different... more

IB results (Covid2020) 27 March 2020

The IB today (Friday 27th March) published some initial guidance as to how final marks might be awarded following the cancellation of the May 2020 exams.The IB will no doubt be giving further guidance... more