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Internal Assessment Center - For students24 May 2020

Everything you need to successfully navigate the Internal Assessment process!At 20% of your final grade, there is little need to persuade people how important this task is. You can make a big difference... more

SL Standard Form, Accuracy & Estimation5 January 2020

This sub topic covers some of the key skills that will be needed through some of the other topics. Firstly, working with numbers in standard index form allows us to work efficiently with the extremely... more

Practice arithmetic sequences17 March 2021

The following questions are designed just to practice some of the fundamentals of working with arithmetic sequences, generatings, working with generalisations for the nth term and finding the sum of a... more

Exponentials & Logarithms practice21 October 2019

The following questions are designed just to practice some of the fundamentals of working with exponentials and logarithms. more

Number & Algebra27 September 2020

This is the parent page for all of the subtopics for the Number and Algebra unit of the course. The topic pages have all of the links to the teaching and learning resources you need!There are 3 main themes... more

SL Indices & Logsfree19 September 2021

This sub topic is all about understanding how to express and work with numbers written in index form. As well, we will explore the inverse of indices and the basic concept of logarithms. This all draws... more

Stats & Probability27 September 2020

This topic takes from the key ideas that many will have encountered previously, including presentation of data and measures of central tendency and spread on to more sophisticated techniques. We look... more

Visual Sequences1 October 2018

This task is all about building physical representations of otherwise abstrat sequences. The idea is that by physically representing the numbers we can explore how thay can be manipulated to help us make... more

Internal Assessment11 April 2020

Everything you need to successfully navigate the Internal Assessment process!At 20% of your final grade, there is little need to persuade people how important this task is. You can make a big difference... more

Comparing Data Distributions19 November 2019

'Whose results are best? Boys, Girls, Monkeys, Martians, Flying pigs, Babies or Robots?' All of the above species were asked to take a multiple choice mathematics test and the results were recorded. Now... more

Percentage Error17 November 2019

'Percentage Error - Wrong, but how wrong? How do we judge the significance of an error?'Given that the vast majority of descriptive numbers are rounded and/or estimated its really worth stopping to think... more

SL Compound Interest & depreciation2 March 2021

This is a topic that most will have seen before. The idea of repeated percentage change and the relationship with exponential functions and geometric sequences is what this is all about. What is often... more

SL Central tendency & spread29 December 2019

This topic could easily be overlooked as 'the basics' with the assumption that everyone knows how to do ti already. sure, most of these measures of central tendency and dispersion are likely to have been... more

HL with James Tanton (New Topics)free20 September 2021

Dr. James Tanton, creator of the renowned Exploding Dots mathematics experience, a phenomenon that has enthralled over 6.5 million students and their teachers across the planet (see the opening video... more

SL Calculus Concept22 June 2020

This is the first of three sections on differential calculus. This is significant branch of mathematics with lots of applications. It builds very nicely on other concepts in the course and those you are... more

SL Scheme - Functionsfree11 September 2021

The new Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation syllabus is out and published on the IB website. Log in to your MyIB account and head to this link . It is a new course with a new name and renewed... more

IA - Step by Step3 September 2020

Managing your Internal assessment from start to finishThis page takes you through the different stages of your Internal assessment experience from coming up with ideas, through identifying needs, planning... more

SL Presenting Data17 November 2019

This topic is all about these two related tools for helping us look at how a data set is spread out. Learn about filling in cumulative frequency tables, plotting the corresponding curves and using the... more

SL Linear models11 January 2020

Commonly seen in the form y = f(x) = mx + c where m represents the gradient/rate of change of the function and c is the y-intercept, where x = 0. These models are a fundamental bit of algebra that come... more

SL Chi Squared Tests25 June 2020

The chi squared independence tests is a widely used technique for looking for a relationship between variables that are categorical. We can use a scatter graph to look for a relationship between GDP and... more

SL Tangents & Normals20 November 2019

In this unit we look at find the equations of tangents and normals to curves, increasing and decreasing functions and the second derivative. All this builds on the fundamental notion that calculus tells... more

The 6 million questionfree16 November 2019

Big numbers present us with a real challenge! How do we understand their size and the significance of what they represent? Once numbers get past a certain size this gets harder and harder. One, two, three,... more

In the money15 September 2021

'Seconds to make up your mind! - Have fun with this hypothetical problem of sequences'A long lost relative wants to share their fortune with you! There are 4 different options about how to receive your... more

Percentage Perception17 November 2019

'What do these errors in perception really tell us?'Think about the country you live in. For every 100 people that live in your country, how many of them do you think are Muslim? How many are Christian?... more

SL(HL)'e' Nature's number6 June 2021

Why, when studying "growth" and "decay", is Euler's number 'e' so pervasive?This activity aims to provide a clear understanding, and first-hand experience, that anything that grows 'continuously' can... more

Comprehending Examples18 May 2020

This page is a task designed to help you start thinking about your Mathematics Internal Assessment by having a good read and think about some examples. You will be given a number of example explorations... more

Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient (rS)19 November 2019

The following exam style questions aim to give you an idea of what you can expect for this topic in your exams. You can print the page by choosing 'print this page' from the menu on the right OR you can... more

Calculus5 March 2021

Here are the sub pages for this section. Each of them leads you to slide galleries to offer explanation, teaching activities and practice exercises and exam style questions.The new Mathematics: Applications... more

SL Probability of eventsfree15 September 2021

Possibly the most relevant, useful and appropriate part of any mathematics course in schools! Everyone has an intuitive understanding of probability at its most simple level, but it is amazing how short... more

SL Quadratic models14 December 2019

f(x) = ax2 + bx + cQuadratic functions are those in the form f(x) = ax2 + bx + c, and have fascinated mathematicians for centuries. They have some fundamental properties that will explored in this unit.... more

Educating Linear regression19 November 2019

What is happening to access to education?This all comes from helping my 11 year old with some homework she had to do about access to education across the globe. My first thought was to go to Gapminder... more

Voronoi Diagrams - Exam style Questions7 March 2021

Here is a set of 100 marks to test your understanding of Voronoi diagrams. The solutons are embedded below. Teachers - we recommend that you you share this page or set it up as an assignment via Student... more

Binomial Distribution - Exam Style Questions15 December 2019

The following questions are designed to give you experience of the style of questions you are likely to find in your final IB Applications and interpretation exam. more

Big & Small Numbers17 November 2019

'What is the biggest number you know? What is the smallest? How can we work with such extreme numbers?'Mathematics knows few limits! We can go on and on describing even bigger and even smaller numbers... more

SL Normal Distribution14 December 2019

The normal distribution is a fascinating, naturally occurring phenomenon that has very relevant applications to understanding the world around us. When a data set is normally distributed it has some key... more

Compound Interest Calculator21 October 2019

In this activity, you will think about all of the elements of the formula for compound interest so that the formula makes antural sense. You will be asked to build a spreadsheet (not too complex) that... more

Functions27 September 2020

See the subsections belowThe new Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation syllabus is out and published on the IB website. Log in to your MyIB account and head to this link . It is a new course with... more

HL Rational Exponents & Log Laws1 March 2021

This is the natural extension from the SL Indices & Logs section and will take your understanding of index notation and logarithms and the relationship between them to the next level. You will review... more

Meeting Functions18 November 2019

'Get to the heart of what functions are about by matching these inputs, equations and outputs together - a 'simple' matching activity!'Its easy to study functions at this level and forget what they are... more

Which mathematics course?free27 October 2020

This page is designed for students and parents who are about to start or have just started the diploma program want to find out about the choices and the courses in detail so they can make an informed... more

SL Right angled trigonometry17 November 2019

This part of trigonometry can be seen in the recurring relationships between the sides of right angles triangles. The relationship means that we can use two bits of information about a triangle to work... more

Carbon emissions - central tendency29 December 2019

This activity is all about finding and interpreting different measures of central tendency and spread with real data about global carbon emissions. You are challenged to explore the data sets with some... more

Geometry & Trigonometry27 September 2020

This topic is where we tackle the ideas of shape and space on the course. Drawing on some fundamentals, there is an emphasis on general applications of trigonometry as well as an exploration of the Volume... more

Exactly17 November 2019

'Explore the role of estimation and rounding in our society - Leading to significant figures'Numbers are a crucial descriptive tool that surround every aspect of our daily lives. How many of the numbers... more

External Assessment16 November 2019

Below is a full, example Paper 1: short-response questions (3 to 9 marks).A graphics display calculator (GDC) is required for this paper.All answers should be given exactly e.g. \(\pi,\quad \sqrt { 2 } \), or to three... more

Goodness of fit Practice2 June 2021

The following questions are designed just to practice some of the fundamentals of these tests. The focus is on understanding the key concept, when it is appropriate to do the test and how to carry out... more

Exploration Inspiration18 May 2020

The idea of a Mathematical exploration is something that always really excites a lot of Mathematics teachers, but sometimes students need a little bit more persuasion to get excited. There are a number... more

Logarithms-Concept+IA ideas17 November 2019

Have you worked it out yet: 984 876 543 210 x 875 622 375 933 ? Compare methods in the class - have we all used the same method? Now compare your answers, are they all the same?Most people tend to make... more

HL Functions - Exam Questions6 August 2021

Modelling is one of the central themes of the IB applications subject.HL(SL) Functions helps develop students’ conceptual understanding and intuition into the behaviour of the different HL functions. more

SL Non right angled trigonometry1 March 2021

Here we take trigonometry to the next level by working with triangles that do not have a right angle. We will work on three key rules. The Sine rule, the Cosine rule and the formula for th area of a triangle.... more