GDC Treasure Hunt

A great activity for reviewing calculator skills

This is a fun context for helping students review their calculator skills. The whole thing is set up as a treasure hunt with 10 clues, where each clue involves solving a problem with the GDC. It is also tied in to these  Mathematical Quotes ​because each of the clues is hidden inside one of those quotes. The emphasis is, of course, on calculator skills, but there is just enough intrigue in the treasure hunt to keep students hooked!

The Instructions

The Clues

Here are the  GDC Treasure Hunt Clues ​which are also embedded below!

Teacher Notes

You will need to have these Mathematical Quotes ​to run the treasure hunt. If you have the time and resources to print and laminate the resources they look better and have a longer life.

Think about your teams. It may be a good idea to make sure there is an expert in each of the teams. Equally, if there is a variation of calculators in your class then you could make sure that all team members have the same calculator.

You can have some fun hiding the clues. You could introduce another level, by adding your own clues about where each letter is hidden?

The posters make for nice displays before, during and after the exercise. The clues can be added and taken down as you please. Equally, the treasure hunt could be permanently installed.

From experience, it is a good idea to have the answers to hand to check students are not making too many mistakes. Of course, if they have made a mistake, they probably have a letter for which there is no clue!


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