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there is also a beta version for the new applications course

I would like you all to know about this resource I have been developing for students. It came from a genuine desire to be able to give my own students a really useful support resource as they are doing homework and preparing for exams. The aim is that students everywhere can use this resource to help them review and understand the key concepts from the IB Mathematical Studies course. They can do so at their own pace and become stronger independent learners. The feedback I have had from my own students so far has been excellent and so I feel like it has been time well spent. Of course it would be wonderful to think that students everywhere could benefit. Hoping to see lots of your students there soon.

The StudyIB Maths Studies site is a web based learning resource for students, packed with resources to help you to improve your understanding and performance.

The site is written by Jim Noble, a hugely experienced Maths Studies teacher, and it has been designed to support student learning from the beginning of the course until the final exams. It is clearly organised by syllabus topic, simple, attractive layout, and is optimised for mobile devices.

The site includes:

  • 200+ Teaching videos covering the key concepts on the syllabus.
  • 150+ Slides with visual explanations and examples.
  • 200+ Onscreen practice questions with feedback.
  • 50+ Revision Flashcards.
  • 50+ original exam style questions with video solutions.
  • Regular updates with more videos and questions going up every month.

Teaching videos allow you to review key concepts you have learned in class.These thoughtful, well-paced, demonstrations and explanations, which you can watch again and again, are designed to make you think and improve your understanding.

Visual slides back up the videos with you can see visual notes that describe and summarise the key ideas.

On-screen quizzes enable you to check your understanding of ideas by giving you instant feedback and advice. Return to them as often as you like.

Revision Flashcards boil the syllabus down to key points which help you to review as exams approach.

Exam Style questions which you can try out on paper yourself and then check your answers against the video solutions.

How to get it

Visit now and hit the the red subscribe button....

There is a free version which includes some chapters including the one about how to use the graphical display calculator which is probably worth it alone. You just need to create an account to get access to these free chapters.

The premium version costs a one off fee of 50 euros for 2 year access to all the chapters on the site. This is about the cost of 1 hours private tuition.

We are sure that students everywhere will find it useful and help them to revise and maximise their performance in exams. 

Teachers and Students

We are keen that both students and teachers are using this resource. Students can use it to support homework or revise. Teachers can use it to help show concepts to students, support them with homework and even set cover lessons. Teachers who are new to the course, might well find it useful to clear up some concepts.

All materials on this website are for the exclusive use of teachers and students at subscribing schools for the period of their subscription. Any unauthorised copying or posting of materials on other websites is an infringement of our copyright and could result in your account being blocked and legal action being taken against you.