Intuitive - which GDC is easiest to 'work out'

Casio,HP,TiNspire,Ti84How easy is it for a student to find the calculation/function they are looking for? The emphasis here is on working out how to do something without any help from someone (teacher/peer) or something (manual): Experimentation, and working through options from most likely to least likely are some of the key strategies. 

Each video below runs through, putting myself in the shoes of a first-time user, a concrete example of "how do I work out x,y or z"?

The videos may seem a bit long to some, I advise sticking with it - it's designed to remind us of what the student's experience of using their calculator can look and feel like to them. Personally, I think, as a teacher working with these all day everyday(!), it's easy to forget the problems faced as a new user. Whilst we can argue: "it's fine once we've trained them in the logic of the calculator, whatever the model" (and I certainly agree with this "what's the logic of the software" approach to all tech use), it's often my SL middle to less experienced/less confident mathematicians that, with all the information they're having to take onboard in their various IB subjects, will (even quite far into the two year course) be relying on 'intuition' and 'online help' (despite good textbook explanatory chapters!) to 'work it out'. It's a factor I think is important to consider, matching your classes needs/experience to the right GDC for them (and you).

Challenge1: Two variable statistic calculation - 1st: HP, 2nd: Casio, 3rd: TiNspire

You may disagree with the above ranking! Watch the video below and give your justifications in the "comments" section below to help the whole community develop a deeper appreciation of each model [as with students, the aim of sharing and discussion is to move towards the optimal solution, rather than 'show the group who's boss'! - real 'bosses' don't need to 'show it', it shines through ;) ]. 

Challenge2: Scatter Graph and Linear Least Squares Regression: 1st Casio, 2nd TiNspire (but great for investigating the concept)

Challenge3: Functions: roots(zeros/x-intercepts),Maximums+Minimums: 1st Casio (only just), 2nd TiNspire, 3rd Ti84 Plus (by a distance)

Challenge4: Intersection of two graphs/functions or Equation Solvers

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