Question writers wanted

Question writers for InThinking - IB Mathematics Applications and Interpretation HL

We are seeking IB Mathematics teachers to write exam style questions for the new mathematics Applications HL course. We would like enthusiastic teachers who are interested in contributing to the website alongside their teaching commitments.

The following outlines the details. Question writers will be offered batches of questions that are defined by the number of marks. A set of questions will be worth 100 marks. This will be a varied mix of paper 1 and paper 2 style questions.

For a given sub topic of the Applications and Interpretations course a batch of 100 marks will include questions that…

  • Are written in the style of IB exam questions
  • Consider the philosophy and goals of the Applications and Interpretation course and the associated need for questions in context.
  • Test a range of the skills in that subtopic
  • Offer range in difficulty corresponding to target IB grades.
  • Offer a range of short response and long response
  • Come complete with worked solutions


We will ask for questions to be written either in google docs or microsoft word using a given template. Writers are expected to

  • Make use of an accurate equation editor for mathematical notation
  • Use IB conventions for notation and terminology
  • Use accurate high quality tools for making associated diagrams
  • Think carefully about the global aesthetic of their work so that it is clear, tidy and ready to be published.
  • Include worked solutions in a separate document
  • Carefully proofread and double check their work for errors.

Fees and copyright

  • The fee for a batch of questions that meet this description will be:
    HL:  400€
    SL:  300€
  • Copyright will belong to the authors of the Applications and Interpretations site, Oliver Bowles, Jim Noble and Cornelia Noble.
  • Acknowledgement will be given to the question authors publicly on the site so that authors can add this to their professional portfolio.
  • Payment for questions is made directly by InThinking, twice a year. Once in June and once again in December
  • If authors submit 5 sets of questions in a given calendar year then they will also have a free subscription to the site for their schools for that year.

New opportunities: HL Teaching slides for a topic + practice + exam style questions 

  • Teaching slides + 50marks practice + 50marks exam questions - 750€
  • Teaching slides + 50marks practice + 100marks exam questions - 950€

How do I apply?

If you’d like to have a go at this then we would love to hear from you! Please follow the instructions below.


In the first instance, please send an e-mail to and to express your interest. Please include the following,

  • A brief introduction and where you are currently based/working
  • A brief summary of your professional experience with IB Mathematics
  • Areas of interest in the HL applications syllabus that you would like to write questions about.

Following this e-mail, we will get back to you with an offer of a batch of questions on a given subtopic. (We will do our best to meet your requests). We will agree a time frame for you to work on this batch of questions.

If, for some reason, we don’t want to include your questions, then we will get back to you to let you know and return your questions. Assuming we do want to include your questions, we will agree to pay you the fee for that batch at the next payment period and agree between us a number of subtopics for you to work on and an associated time frame.

We hope to hear from you and encourage you to apply and try this. It is hugely satisfying to know that your work reaches a bigger audience and helps students and teachers all over the world! We also think that we are offering the kind of fee for this work that will make it worth your time.


Jim Noble

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