Number & Algebra GDC

Video Tutorials/Activities for the TiNspire and Casio (HP Prime to follow . . . .).

Below you will find links to a growing number of video tutorials (or key screenshots) on how to use your TiNspire or Casio calculator, for the Geometry and Trigonometry module.

Amortization on TiNspire

Complex Number Arithmetic: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Powers etc.

The below screenshot illustrates how to use each of the TiNspire, Ti84 family and Casio CG10/20/50 for addition, simply change the 'add' to whichever calculation you wish to make!
We think the below is the most "efficient" (quickest) way to solve such questions using the GDC (there are a number of other methods for achieving the same result - if you know a quicker way, please share in the comments!):

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