Below is the MARKSCHEME and SOLUTIONS to example HL Paper 1B: short response questions (3 to 9 marks).

All answers should be given exactly e.g. \(\pi,\quad \sqrt { 2 } \), or to three significant figures, unless stated otherwise in the question.

An unannotated copy of the IB Formula Booklet for application and interpretations is required.

This paper contains a total of 110 marks to be completed in 2 hours. In addition to this, you will be given an extra 5 minutes reading time. You are not allowed to write anything during this time. We would recommend determining which questions you are not sure you can do and leave them to the end.

Make sure you get the most marks possible by focusing on questions you can do first. Show the examiners what you can do! 

 [A possible markscheme is presented for some (but not all) questions: The IB markscheme process is a long and rigorous one, the aim here is only to give a rough guideline. Other markschemes are also possible].

HL MOCK Paper 1 - Markscheme and Solutions (embedded below)  Questions  HL Mock Paper 1B 

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