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Euler's method on the TI-Nspire 17 March 2019

As they say, a picture (or a video, in this case) is worth a thousand words. The video here shows one way to use the spreadsheet on the TI-Nspire to perform Euler's method to find the approximate solution... more

what is path of midpoint of a falling ladder? 24 November 2018

Something which I think that is often not emphasized or valued enough when teaching mathematics is encouraging students to visualize a graph, diagram, relationship between objects, motion of an object,... more

Effective GDC Use #3 17 November 2018

Concerning effective GDC use, I try to avoid giving my students the impression that mindlessly pushing buttons on a GDC will allow them to successfully answer an exam question. Although there may be exam... more

P.o.t.D.- 301 problems 1 October 2018

This is just a short entry to highlight the fact that I have now managed to compose more than 300 problems in my Problem of the Day (P.o.t.D.) lists - one list for an SL Problem of the Day, and another... more

Effective GDC Use #2 20 September 2018

Continuing my discussion on promoting effective and wise use of a calculator (GDC) by our students, I wish to highlight what I consider maybe the first and simplest piece of GDC advice to students: “When... more

Effective GDC Use #1 12 September 2018

The region R is enclosed by the graph of \(y = {\rm{\pi }} - 3\arccos \left( x \right)\), the y-axis and the line \(y = 2\).(a) Write down a definite integral to represent the area of R. [4] more

P.o.t.D.- 250 Problems 7 May 2018

I started writing problems for my Problem of the Day (P.o.t.D.) section on this site 15 months ago - and there are now 250 problems available - equally distributed between HL and SL. The distinction between... more

Some fun with primes ... and Geogebra 18 January 2018

Prime numbers are fascinating, mysterious and useful. The topic of prime numbers can pop up in a maths lesson at many different ages and ability levels. The announcement two weeks ago of a ‘new’... more

primitive Pythagorean triples 30 December 2017

Over the years, I’ve got the impression that students are as fascinated with Pythagorean triples as they are with prime numbers. Many mathematical papers, books and websites delve into the various... more

Problem: 12 circles circling a circle 28 August 2017

Early in the school year, I like to offer my first-year IB maths students - especially HL students - some challenging problems. I like creating problems of my own that students can solve using mathematics... more