Worked Solutions - HL Paper 1 Exam

Tuesday 21 May 2019

The May 2019 IB examination session is now finished.  Teachers are eager to scrutinize an exam after it has been made available 24 hours after students have taken it. This usually leads to some interesting discussion amongst teachers about specific exam questions and their solutions. Some years I manage to summon enough time and energy to write my own set of complete worked solutions for one or more of the HL or SL exams. Although having discussions with other teachers about the exam questions is often instructive and worthwhile, if I do compose a set of worked solutions, I do it for primarily two reasons: (1) To satisfy my own curiosity. In my opinion, the only way to get a genuine ‘feel’ for an exam is to carefully work through all the questions yourself. (2) To assemble a high-quality assignment for my 1st year students. I am usually teaching integral calculus to my 1st year Maths HL or SL students about this time of the school year; and the only syllabus topic that has not yet been covered to any extent is Probability & Statistics. Usually, the Paper 1 exam will contain fewer questions on probability and/or statistics. Thus, most (if not all) of the questions on the Paper 1 exam can be attempted by my 1st year students.  After removing any questions or parts of questions on the Paper 1 exam that are on syllabus items that have not been covered yet, I distribute the set of Paper 1 questions to my 1st year students and give them a few days to work on them. I then give them my worked solutions and we discuss. It’s a nice review assignment for students not long before the summer holiday break between the 1st and 2nd years. Also, it’s the first time that I share a complete IB maths exams with my 1st year students, so this assignment provides some useful insights into what an IB maths exam is really like.

You can view – and download – my worked solutions for the HL Paper 1 exam (2019 TZ2) here. Any feedback is appreciated.

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Richard Jones 10 June 2019 - 06:06

I would have liked to see this in the secure part of the site so students could not access it until I had a chance to use the questions as you suggest.

Tim Garry 10 June 2019 - 09:23

Richard, Very fair point. It had skipped my mind that blog items would also be available to students. If it's not too late, I've removed my worked solutions for the recent HL P1 exam from the blog. I have moved the worked solutions to another page (Assessment > Exams) on the site which that students (and non-subscribers) cannot access. There is a link in the blog post to this page. Very sorry if my oversight kept you from being able to use this set of questions for a student assignment. I won't make that error again.

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