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Snow Day 23 January 2013

There are plusses and minuses of living in any particular location – and one of the plusses of teaching in the north of Scotland is that during the winter months we sometimes get enough snow that school... more

Thinking About the Unit Circle 18 January 2013

I often think about the unit circle - more specifically, I visualize it in my mind when evaluating the exact value of a trigonometric function (sine, cosine & tangent to be precise) for a 'special' angle... more

Proof & TOK #1 12 January 2013

Along with teaching Math SL and Math HL, I've also been involved in teaching Theory of Knowledge (TOK) for the past 12 years. One of the reasons I enjoy teaching TOK is for the opportunity to explore... more

Student Explorations - Part 1 7 January 2013

The last two blog entries made mention of ideas that may be conducive for a student exploration for the new internal assessment program. A significant concern for me with the new internal assessment... more

A Timely Exploration 4 January 2013

At the end of my previous blog entry, I suggested that the mathematics involved in how the Equation of Time is determined by summing two sine curves (each from the variation of 'sun' time due to the... more

Equation of Time 3 January 2013

Continuing from the last post with a slight pre-occupation with the nature and passing of time at this point in the calendar (i.e. start of a new year) ... some of the more interesting things I have... more

Infinity of Infinities 2 January 2013

Around this time of the year - end of one year and start of another - the topic of time, its nature and how it seems to pass by, often comes up in private reflection and public discussions. On the last... more

2013 - the year and number 1 January 2013

Here is the first blog entry for this site on the first day of 2013. My new year's resolution is to try and compose at least two blog entries for each week of the year. A bit of a challenge but we'll... more