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As the name of this page suggests this is the section where we have tried to present the most essential information regarding two matters: (1) using this site (site guide), and (2) some of the basic necessities (syllabus info, course planning, etc) for teaching Maths HL and/or Maths SL.

This section of the website also contains basic information that you may wish to refer back to from time to time.  For example, in the SL & HL Syllabus Content sub-section there are pages that have a comprehensive description of the syllabus content both for Maths HL and Maths SL.  These pages are more than simply a list of the syllabus content but also serve as a starting point to find resources on this site relevant to certain syllabus items.  Much of the syllabus content listed on these two pages are dynamically linked to pertinent teaching materials and resources.

Whether you are new to teaching IB Maths or an experienced IB maths teacher, this section of the site is the best place to start.  For example, if you're an experienced teacher and have already established a course plan for teaching either HL or SL you may not be so interested in viewing the IB Maths Overview page or the Course Planning sub-section, but you can get a lot out of taking a look through the Resources sub-section, the Technology sub-section and even the Top Tips sub-section.  We are continually adding information and material to our collection of resources that we consider to be helpful to mathematics teachers in general and teachers of IB mathematics in particular.

Selected Pages


new syllabus > new website 11 October 2019

2 October 2019: I am continuing to work hard to get the new site ready for the Analysis & Approaches course. I apologize...


Top Tips 27 January 2014

1. Read the subject report for your course(s) from the most recent exam session; and from other exam sessions back to...

Prior Learning Topics 6 September 2017

Quick links:► downloadable teaching materials for prior learning topics► Prior Learning Topics for HL and Prior Learning...

Instructional Books 6 September 2017

Books that help teachers teach and students learn are indispensable tools of the trade. Not all books that fit this role...

Books 6 September 2017

This page contains a wide-ranging collection of books about mathematics. The phrase "about mathematics" is certainly open...

Course Planning 1 February 2016

Teaching in any curriculum system with external exams that assess a student's knowledge of content contained in a prescribed...

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