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Most questions involving circles, radian measure, arcs and sectors require what I like to refer to as geometric problem solving. This kind of problem solving puts a lot of emphasis on carefully interpreting (and possibly constructing) geometric diagrams, coming up with some visual and/or geometric insights involving a diagram, and then organizing a solution strategy that will lead to a correct answer.

Although there are formulas that need to be applied to solve this question, the most important consideration is devising a successful solution strategy from analyzing the diagram ... geometric problem solving. Many students are not confident in analyzing geometric diagrams, so it is important to give your students ample practice in solving problems that require a certain amount of geometric insight leading to the application of appropriate principles and formulas to obtain the correct solution.

4 questions - ‘accessible’ to ‘discriminating’

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accessible SL question

moderate SL / accessible HL question

discriminating SL / moderate HL question

discriminating HL question


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Exercise set with 10 questions covering radian measure, arc length & sectors (corrected version 2)

worked solution for question # 10 in trig, radian, arc, sector exercise set above

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