Prior Learning Topics

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Prior Learning Topics

Click on the name of an activity in the list below to move directly to the teacher video and TI-Nspire file download for that activity - or simply scroll through the activities/teacher videos below the list. There is a very brief description for each activity, but the best way to gain some insight into the activity is to watch the teacher video. Although the 'type' of each TI-Nspire file is a TI-Nspire CAS Teacher Software Document, it will run on both the CAS and non-CAS version of the handheld device or computer software. If you wish to download all nine of the TI-Nspire activities relevant for the Prior Learning Topics for Math SL & HL in one zipped file, you can do that by clicking here.

Prior Learning Topics
Fractions, Decimals & Percents
Percentage Change
Integer Calculations
Significant Figures
Scientific Notation
Factorising & Expanding
Algebra Review
Rearranging Formulae
Bearings Demonstration

  Fractions, Decimals & Percents - TI-Nspire Activity
generates interactive questions that challenge students to put fractions, decimals & percents in ascending order; Fractions, Decimals & Percents - Teacher Video below
download TI-Nspire file: Fractions Decimals + Percents.tns

  Percentage Change - TI-Nspire Activity
dynamic, visual & numerical environment to aid students in working out percentage increases and decreases using decimal multipliers; Percentage Change - Teacher Video
download TI-Nspire file: Percentage Change.tns

  Integer Calculations - TI-Nspire Activity
interactive practice for evaluating expressions that include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and powers; different levels of complexity; accompanying ‘recording worksheet’ for students to track their progress; Integer Calculations - Teacher Video below
download TI-Nspire file: Integer Calculations.tns

  Significant Figures - TI-Nspire Activity
dynamic illustration of rounding a given measurement to a certain number of significant figures; Significant Figures - Teacher Video below
download TI-Nspire file: Significant Figures.tns

  Scientific Notation - TI-Nspire Activity
interactive activity that shows how scientific notation is entered and displayed on a GDC and how it’s manually written; significant figures also incorporated; Scientific Notation - Teacher Video below
download TI-Nspire file: Scientific Notation.tns

  Factorising & Expanding - TI-Nspire Activity
interactive activity that can be adjusted by student and provides thorough algebra practice with feedback; extensive teacher notes included; Factorising & Expanding - Teacher Video below
download TI-Nspire file: Factorising + Expanding.tns

  Algebra Review - TI-Nspire Activity
algebra practice with collection of multiple choice questions on basic algebra operations and identifying equivalent algebraic expressions, required as preparation for Rearranging Formulae CAS activity; Algebra Review - Teacher Video below
download TI-Nspire file: Algebra Review.tns

  Rearranging Formulae - TI-Nspire Activity
dynamic practice in rearranging formulae to solve for a designated variable; requires TI-Nspire CAS (handheld, software or iPad); Rearranging Formulae - Teacher Video below
download TI-Nspire file: Rearranging Formulae.tns

  Bearings Demonstration - TI-Nspire Activity
geometric diagram showing bearings that can be dynamically manipulated; effective for teacher demonstration to class and quizzing of students; Bearings Demonstration - Teacher Video below
download TI-Nspire file: Bearings Demonstration.tns

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