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Trigonometry and Vectors syllabus topics

Click on the name of an activity in the list below to move directly to the teacher video and TI-Nspire file download for that activity - or simply scroll through the activities/teacher videos below the list. There is a very brief description for each activity, but the best way to gain some insight into the activity is to watch the teacher video. Although the 'type' of each TI-Nspire file is a TI-Nspire CAS Teacher Software Document, it will run on both the CAS and non-CAS version of the handheld device or computer software. If you wish to download all eight of the TI-Nspire activities relevant for the Trigonometry and Vectors syllabus topics in Math SL & HL in one zipped file, you can do that by clicking here.

Degrees and Radians
Transformations of Trig Graphs
Area of a Triangle
Cosine Rule

Vector Properties & Scalar Product


  Degrees and Radians - TI-Nspire Activity
shows different ways of measuring an angle (degrees, radians, revolutions, bearing, gradians) and interactively develops an understanding of relationship between degree measure and radian measure; Degrees and Radians - Teacher Video below
download TI-Nspire file: Degrees and Radians.tns

  Transformations of Trig Graphs - TI-Nspire Activity
dynamic illustrations of how changes in certain parameters for a trigonometric function affect amplitude, period, vertical shift & horizontal shift of the graph of the function; Transformations of Trig Graphs - Teacher Video below
download TI-Nspire file: Transformations of Trig Graphs.tns

  Area of a Triangle - TI-Nspire Activity
dynamic examples of standard formula for area of a triangle showing how it can be used to develop the area formula using two sides and included angle; Area of a Triangle - Teacher Video below
download TI-Nspire file: Area of a Triangle.tns

  Cosine Rule - TI-Nspire Activity
illustrations of the cosine rule incorporating both dynamic algebra working and dynamic diagrams; shows how Pythagoras’ theorem is a special case of the cosine rule; Cosine Rule - Teacher Video below
download TI-Nspire file: Cosine Rule.tns


  Vector Properties & Scalar Product - TI-Nspire Activity
dynamic exploration of properties of vectors including interactive demonstration of vector addition (triangle rule) and scalar (dot) product; Vector Properties & Scalar Product - Teacher Video
download TI-Nspire file: Vector Properties + Scalar Product.tns

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