HL Options

There are four different Option Topics for Maths HL. A teacher will choose only one of these topics to teach to his/her group of Maths HL students - and these students will be formally registered with the IB to take the Paper 3 exam for the particular option topic chosen by the teacher. The four option topics are:

Topic 7: Statistics & Probability

Topic 8: Sets, Relations & Groups

Topic 9: Calculus

Topic 10: Discrete Mathematics

Selected Pages

Calculus HL option 4 October 2018

► downloadable teaching materials for Calculus HL optionIn the previous Maths HL syllabus this HL option topic was entitled...

Probability Generating Functions for DRVs 23 March 2016

The current syllabus content for the Statistics & Probability HL option topic has several items that were added (see table...

Statistics & Probability HL Option 28 February 2016

Along with understainding statistical methods and concepts, it is very important that students who are studying the Stats...

Discrete Mathematics HL option 11 February 2015

A critical concept studied in discrete mathematics is recurrence relations. Click here to see the recurrence relations...

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