syllabus items - 4 Qs

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This site contains 36 separate secondary pages (i.e. 'level 2' pages) which cover all of the Maths SL syllabus and the Maths HL core syllabus (see list at bottom of this page). For want of a better phrase, I call these syllabus items. For each of these syllabus items, I have composed a set of four original short exam-like questions that attempt to progress from "accessible" (i.e. lower difficulty) to "discriminating" (i.e. higher difficulty). Hence, the title of this page "syllabus items - 4 Qs". A few of the 36 syllabus items cover only HL content - and for these there are three short questions that progress in difficulty level. The following descriptors are a useful way to interpret the progression from accessible to discriminating:

1. accessible SL question

2. moderate SL / accessible HL question

3. discriminating SL / moderate HL question

4. discriminating HL question

Look at the sequences & series syllabus item page to see an example of 4 questions (scroll down the page to see them).

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