Review Materials

This section contains collections of review questions for both HL and SL. There are three sub-pages included under this page:
1. Sets of SL(HL) Review Exercises
2. Sets of HL(SL) Review Exercises
3. Sets of HL Review Exercises

New set of 12 review questions with GDC allowed (Paper 2): Year1_SLHL_Review on SL(HL) Review Exercises page (5 April 2019)

The SL(HL) Review Exercises are written primarily with SL students in mind, but are also suitable for HL students - probably most appropriate for average to weaker HL students. As you might guess, the HL(SL) Review Exercises are written primarily for HL students, but are suitable for above average to strong SL students. And, not surprisingly, the HL Review Exercises are appropriate for HL students only.

In my opinion, one of the important objectives of any set of review questions should be giving students the experience of answering a wide variety of questions - variety in both syllabus material covered and level of difficulty. During the course, students may often go some time without being required to answer a set of questions covering a significant range of the syllabus. Of course, this is not possible until after a significant amount of the syllabus material has been covered. Thus, it's not really until during the 2nd year of the course are students capable of answering questions on different topics during a single assessment or homework assignment. Teachers should strive to take advantage of any opportunity to have students engage themselves with a set of miscellaneous review questions. The more of these review sets that students can complete (either as homework assignments or as timed in-class assessments) the better - and especially before the mock exam. It is also important to try and design these sets of review questions so that students get an equal chance to answer both non-calculator questions (Paper 1) and calculator-allowed questions (Paper 2). All review questions should be clearly marked as one or the other. It is important to include some questions that are best done without a calculator as Paper 2 review questions - since this will occur on the actual exam in May (or November). Some of the review sets include Paper 1 and Paper 2 questions in which case they are separated into two sections - no GDC, and GDC allowed.

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