Problem of the Day

There are currently 396 problems (198 SL + 198 HL) with more problems added every week. There are separate pages for the SL Problem of the Day and for the HL Problem of the Day

HL Problem of the Day #198

There are two growing sets of 'problems' (one for SL and another for HL) with new 'problems' added every week to each set (along with a worked solution). The idea behind the Problem of the Day is to offer students exam-like questions that should involve some level of problem solving and the application of knowledge/skills in IB Maths SL and IB Maths HL. Most of the SL 'problems' will also be useful for HL students - and certainly some of the HL 'problems' can be used to challenge strong SL students.

I believe that these questions can serve as an excellent resource for students when revising topics and/or studying for their IB Maths HL or SL exams.

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Why is problem written in quote marks?    [ further commentary on the Problem of the Day sets ]

I write 'problem' in quote marks because - to me - a true problem is a challenging question for which it is not clear how to begin a solution; at least, for most people. Most questions that students are asked to answer during a maths course are exercises where they are simply exercising a certain skill and/or a piece of mathematics knowledge - and it is clear how to set up or start a successful solution. Although most of the 'problems' that will appear in these two Problems of the Day sets will not fully meet my idea of a true problem; each is closer to a 'problem' than to an 'exercise'.

The level of problem solving will vary between questions but when writing these original questions, I am focusing on making some degree of resourceful thinking / problem solving needed to successfully solve the 'problem'.

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