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One of the tasks that has slowed me down in getting the new Analysis & Approaches site (aka 'Analysis site') ready is composing a Teaching Plan for the course. I'm happy to post below my Analysis-teaching plan v5.  Please understand that in my Teaching Plan the list of course units (SL & HL), the sequence in which they are taught, the indicated teaching hours for each unit (SL & HL), and the configuration of all the numbered syllabus items are my suggestions for how to organize the teaching of the Analysis course. I encourage and will greatly appreciate any feedback on my suggested Teaching Plan. More coming soon.

Analysis-teaching plan v5

31 October 2019: The new site for the Analysis & Approaches course will be launched in a matter of days. I apologize for the delay. Please note that the site for the new Analysis & Approaches course (SL & HL) will be available to all current and new subscribers. A subscription to either this site or the new Analysis site will provide access to both sites. This site will close after the November 2020 exams.

With regard to the new Analysis course, along with the teaching plan above. I have an updated version 4 of my Analysis units and sequence document.  Also, take a look at my Analysis syllabus content and notes (v7) document below - and the Preparing for HL Paper 3 - Analysis page.

The mathematics courses in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) that started in August 2019 (first exams in May 2021) have changed substantially in relation to the previous structure of IBDP mathematics. The changes are certainly the most significant since the addition of an internal assessment task to IBDP mathematics nearly 20 years ago.

list of suggested teaching units (SL + HL) for Analysis & Approaches course (view and/or download)

Analysis units and sequence v4 TG

 new InThinking sites for the new IB mathematics courses

Both of the current InThinking math sites, this Math HL-SL site and the Math Studies site, will continue to exist until the last exam for the current syllabus which will occur in November 2020. Starting in September 2019, there will be two new InThinking math sites - one for the new Analysis & Approaches course (HL & SL) and another for the new Applications & Interpretation course (HL & SL). A subscription to the current Math HL-SL site (this site) will also provide access to the new Analysis & Approaches site (and vice versa); and a subscription to the current Math studies site will also provide access to the new Applications & Interpretation site (and vice versa). [Note: The IB often refers to each of the two new courses as 'subjects'. Each has its own Subject Guide]

I will be the editor for the new Analysis & Approaches site. Before the launch of the new site in September 2019, I will begin to offer some advice and information concerning the new Analysis course on this page. For example, see below a 4-page document which lists all of the Analysis syllabus content including detailed notes on changes to the syllabus in comparison to the current syllabuses for Maths HL and Maths SL.

 Analysis syllabus content and notes_v7

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