This site is such a fantastic one stop shop for IB Math Studies resources. I really appreciate the depth and variety of both materials and ideas offered. The materials that I have tried are thoughtful and engaging for students. I also like the dynamic...

Vern Cedarlund, Eugene, USA

I always check the InThinking site before any Maths Studies lesson to check for an exciting introduction to a topic or for extra resources. It has been invaluable for my teaching of this course, especially the links to videos on youtube and the worksheets....

Dorota Lipka, Sir James Henderson School, Italy

Well thought out and designed tasks. Easy navigation. Quality materials for deep learning across all topics. Regularly updated and new materials added. Responds to feedback. AMAZING TIME SAVER! Never without a quality lesson or idea for a class.

Melissa Griffin, Phuket International Academy Day School, Thailand

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This Years projects 2018

15 September 2018

I did this last year because I think that the more we hear about and share the 'ideas' behind internal assessments, the better we get at understanding... more

Final Report to teachers

18 June 2018

This is just a quick post to try and spread the word about the latest curriculm review report which has been published on MyIB. You will need... more

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  • 17 Oct Jim Noble
    Sequences 2 - Solutions
    Hi Jennifer, Yes, well spotted, I had to draw a picture to help - I have added it above with the correction, Thank you, Jim
  • 17 Oct Jennifer Halla
    Sequences 2 - Solutions
    Should the solution to question 6 be the sum of the first 6 terms minus the first term since it is the distance of 6 bounces?
  • 15 Oct Jim Noble
    The Great Elf Game
    Yes, I can see different ways of doing it and have often thought about creating a simulation so students could do this individually. In practice, I have always done this as a whole class for a bit of fun towards the end of term. Let me know...
  • 14 Oct Kate Bates
    The Great Elf Game
    Hi! I love this activity idea :) I have a quick question though: do you envisage that the dice rolls for weather & special events are the same for the whole class (so they are working through it together), or would you allow each group to roll...
  • 27 Sep Jim Noble
    Focus - Arithmetic Sequences
    Hi Jennifer, Thank you - agreed and corrected!
  • 26 Sep Jim Noble
    Curriculum Review and 2019
    Thanks to a couple of people for pointing it out, I have now corrected the typos in the above piece. (I think I got them all)
  • 21 Sep Jennifer Halla
    Focus - Arithmetic Sequences
    **Correction: Summing Arithmetic Sequences practice worksheet_ Problem Solving_#2_S(20)=1390 not 1230
  • 18 Sep Jim Noble
    N & A Practice
    Hi Gemma Assuming you mean the sequences, I am just putting them on a new page now - Thanks, Jim
  • 18 Sep Jim Noble
    Human Venn Diagrams
    Hi Peter, thanks for pointing this out. I'll check in to it, Jim
  • 18 Sep Jim Noble
    Practise Projects
    Hi Tracey - This is a grey area. The guide lists compound probability and 3D Geometry as further processes, but there is no more detail. I have blogged about here Also, have you seen this planning diagram hope this helps Jim
  • 18 Sep Jim Noble
    Financial Mathematics
    Hi Grace. Sorry, I missed this message. Financial maths was moved in to the Number and Algebra unit at the last syllabus review and so the related activities are now to be found here on the Number and Algebra page Thanks, Jim
  • 14 Sep Gemma Clark
    N & A Practice
    HI there, Do you have the mark scheme for the second round of IB-style Sequences questions please? Thanks in advance