This site has everything you need to supplement your course: notes, exam prep, IA tips, and activities. What I most love about this site is that the activities are all ready to go - the handouts, answers, and resources are all there for you. Not only...

Valerie Koch, International School of Zug and Lucern, Switzerland

This site is very helpful for students and useful for teachers ,I used the worksheets and questions a lot in my teaching studies,all ideas about internal assessment also are meaningful and students can benefit from them.

Sana Saeed, Modern Knowledge Schools, Bahrain

Well thought out and designed tasks. Easy navigation. Quality materials for deep learning across all topics. Regularly updated and new materials added. Responds to feedback. AMAZING TIME SAVER! Never without a quality lesson or idea for a class.

Melissa Griffin, Phuket International Academy Day School, Thailand

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Exam Season

14 April 2019

Here is a list of pages that you will want to make sure you know about.Helping students to prepare for the exams!NEW - The Calculus pack has... more

Compound Interest

23 December 2018

So! I have been meaning to post something about this for a while. Please let me start with a disclaimer - I am only passing on what I have heard... more

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  • 24 May Jim Noble
    A project journey
    Hi Mona, there isn't really an answer to that question, since there is no requirement to pass each section to pass overall. The final grade is a combination of all of the elements. Even, there isn't a passing grade for the whole course. A student...
  • 24 May Jim Noble
    N & A New Syllabus 2019
    So what I did was take the recommended no of hours for teaching the NA unit, then add 5 for toolkit and divide it up. The logic is that this introduces more teaching time for bringing those elements in to our classes. So, effectively, they...
  • 24 May Jean Alavata
    N & A New Syllabus 2019
    Where are the five hours of tool kit?
  • 23 May Mona Hanna
    A project journey
    new to this For IA what is the minimum passing grade out of 20?
  • Thanks so much for all the week you've done Jim! Very helpful as we begin to think about our schemes of work!
  • 7 May Jim Noble
    Rogue Trader
    Hi Kate, thanks for pointing that out - thats a shame. It used to be all available. I found some historical rates elsewhere, but will need to adapt this page accordingly, thanks, Jim
  • 5 May Kate Bates
    Rogue Trader
    Hi guys! This is a great idea but I can't get the website to go back more than 180 days (without paying a $75 fee). Am I being daft?! It would still be possible as is, just different with the shorter time period.
  • Hi Ruchita - indeed they are and I have just got my first copies. A couple of thoughts - 1. AT first glance I think they look excellent, 2. I have been lucky enough to meet and work with lots of these authors and that guves me confidence that...
  • 4 May Jim Noble
    GDP and Fertility
    Hi Dylan, not sure what happened there, but it is back, thanks for pointing it out, Jim
  • 29 Apr Dylan Ragi
    GDP and Fertility
    The file is gone...
  • 27 Apr Ruchita Patel
    Applications SL Scheme of Work
    Oxford publications has been released, so may I know how helpful are they in terms of referring?
  • Hi Lesley, as far as I know, only the OUP ones are available just yet. They always have the advantage that they have been written in conjunction with the IB. Personally I will want to wait until I have seen some others before making such a...