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I also HIGHLY recommend this website! It has loads of great, ready-to-use resources. The website is easy to navigate and easy to find material. The activities are creative and meaningful, encouraging greater understanding of the topics. I've subscribed...

Hellen Phan, International School Augsburg-ISA-gGmbH, Germany

I always check the InThinking site before any Maths Studies lesson to check for an exciting introduction to a topic or for extra resources. It has been invaluable for my teaching of this course, especially the links to videos on youtube and the worksheets....

Dorota Lipka, Sir James Henderson School, Italy

Well thought out and designed tasks. Easy navigation. Quality materials for deep learning across all topics. Regularly updated and new materials added. Responds to feedback. AMAZING TIME SAVER! Never without a quality lesson or idea for a class.

Melissa Griffin, Phuket International Academy Day School, Thailand


New Curriculum

10 February 2018

This is just a quick post to remind everyone that we are about 18 months away from the first teaching of the new courses. In school terms 18... more


25 September 2017

This is just a quick blog post to explain some reorganisation that is coming up for this section of the site so as to explain any gaps or unfinished... more

First Draft Feedback

2 July 2017

This post will eventually be a full page in the new structure of the IA section. For now I thought it might be interesting to share as a blog... more

Subscriber comments

  • 21 Feb Su'ad Kheir
    Sets of Numbers
    Thanks Jim its really nice , I am going to share the video with my grand kids
  • 20 Feb Søren Brun Hansen
    N & A Practice
    HI. In the IB style questions section I have a problem getting access to the answers to the second group of "sequences" questions. The link doesn´t seem to work ?
  • Thanks Kevin!
  • 20 Feb Noha El Sharawy
    Mock Exam
    Thank you so much! Please, try to post it soon even without answers. I would love to use it for my mocks at the beginning of March.
  • 20 Feb Kevin Burke
    Focus on - Exponential models
    The summary slide with the equation y = 2^x uses the word increases instead of decreases when the numbers half.
  • 14 Feb Karin Bennett
    Marking & Moderation
    Great. Thank you. I have encouraged them to look at different variables that might show a higher correlation and to document the changes and also to see if removal of outliers might increase the correlation.
  • 12 Feb Jim Noble
    Functions Teaching ideas
    Thanks Sarah, fixed now
  • 12 Feb Sarah Thomas
    Functions Teaching ideas
    The exponential function link takes you to a search engine.
  • 9 Feb Jim Noble
    Monty Hall
    Thanks Joylene for the link..... I'll put it on the page with some others....
  • 9 Feb Jim Noble
    Mock Exam
    Glad its useful Lesley - On the mock question - Are you talking about part a)? If so, I think that there would be 2 of the 6 categories with expected frequencies less than 5..... In practice I don't think this will actually come up in an exam,...
  • 9 Feb Jim Noble
    Marking & Moderation
    Good question - I think they CAN get the marks, BUT they should comment on what they think the graph is likely to show (ie - there doesn't seem to be any correlation) but want to confirm with a calculation (More valid than judging by eye)....
  • 7 Feb Joylene Vette-Guillaume
    Monty Hall
    After looking at the Monty Hall problem in class, we enjoyed reading an article by Tim Harford: /