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This site is such a fantastic one stop shop for IB Math Studies resources. I really appreciate the depth and variety of both materials and ideas offered. The materials that I have tried are thoughtful and engaging for students. I also like the dynamic...

Vern Cedarlund, Eugene, USA

I also HIGHLY recommend this website! It has loads of great, ready-to-use resources. The website is easy to navigate and easy to find material. The activities are creative and meaningful, encouraging greater understanding of the topics. I've subscribed...

Hellen Phan, International School Augsburg-ISA-gGmbH, Germany

This site is very helpful for students and useful for teachers ,I used the worksheets and questions a lot in my teaching studies,all ideas about internal assessment also are meaningful and students can benefit from them.

Sana Saeed, Modern Knowledge Schools, Bahrain



25 September 2017

This is just a quick blog post to explain some reorganisation that is coming up for this section of the site so as to explain any gaps or unfinished... more

First Draft Feedback

2 July 2017

This post will eventually be a full page in the new structure of the IA section. For now I thought it might be interesting to share as a blog... more

Venns in the news

24 May 2017

I love how often we see venn diagrams in a variety of different contexts. I think they are seen as particularly powerful visualisations and... more

Subscriber comments

  • 13 Oct Jim Noble
    Project Inspiration
    Hi Malcolm - not sure why that doesn't work, here it is thanks, Jim
  • 13 Oct Malcolm Blake
    Project Inspiration
    Hi there, the link to the Exponential Growth video no longer seems to work. Do you have a title we could search for or an alternative link please. Thanks, Malcolm
  • 9 Oct JIS Maths
    Financial Mathematics
    My class really enjoyed the Rogue Trader activity although we tweaked it slightly. I also had to ban trading in CryptoCurrencies as they made it too easy to win!
  • 1 Oct Olivia Lo Schiavo
    N & A Practice
    Hello, The transfer time in New York is 1h30 and in Papeete 1hr (from the exam style questions). Should this say LA instead of Papeete?
  • 30 Sep Eve Padgett
    First Draft Feedback
    Dear Jim, I have some questions on IAs as IB maths coordinator and am unsure as who to ask. Can I ask questions on this post? Kind regards, Chiara
  • 21 Sep Jim Noble
    G & T Practice
    Sorry it took so long - hopefully useful to you next time, but I have now posted the solutions
  • 17 Sep Jim Noble
    The 6 million question
    Corrected! Thank you
  • 13 Sep MA. Rhosezal Torcuator
    Focus - Chi Squared
    Hi! Could we have it in pdf or ppt file? thank you
  • 10 Sep Jim Noble
    The 6 million question
    Wow, well done Ewa - That is quite ironic given the point of the exercise - 'what difference does an extra zero make here and there' Anyway, it should indeed be 27000000 but it seems that the calculation was done as though I did have 27000000...
  • 1 Sep Ewa Panetta
    The 6 million question
    Hi there! I love this activity and used it for the second time this year to begin my Maths Studies course. It clearly made an impression on my students who admitted to being shocked by the final estimate. However - we did spot an error in...
  • 24 Aug Cindy Harrison
    Sets of Numbers
    Thanks Jim!
  • 23 Aug Jim Noble
    Focus - Chi Squared
    Hi Lesley - not for now, just playable through the website..... out of interest, if they were downloadable, what format would you choose?