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I also HIGHLY recommend this website! It has loads of great, ready-to-use resources. The website is easy to navigate and easy to find material. The activities are creative and meaningful, encouraging greater understanding of the topics. I've subscribed...

Hellen Phan, International School Augsburg-ISA-gGmbH, Germany

I always check the InThinking site before any Maths Studies lesson to check for an exciting introduction to a topic or for extra resources. It has been invaluable for my teaching of this course, especially the links to videos on youtube and the worksheets....

Dorota Lipka, Sir James Henderson School, Italy

This site is very helpful for students and useful for teachers ,I used the worksheets and questions a lot in my teaching studies,all ideas about internal assessment also are meaningful and students can benefit from them.

Sana Saeed, Modern Knowledge Schools, Bahrain


Venns in the news

24 May 2017

I love how often we see venn diagrams in a variety of different contexts. I think they are seen as particularly powerful visualisations and... more

This year's projects

19 May 2017

I thought I would write this post about the topics my students have chosen for their IAs this year. I am busy re writing the IA section of the... more

Project Planning

5 May 2017

Just a quick post! As one class gets through exams, the other is starting to think about projects. Here is a new image I made to help them brainstorm... more

Subscriber comments

  • 19 May Jim Noble
    Marking & Moderation
    Hi Edward, Good question, but I think the answer is no. We are quite new to MB here, but I have used it this year to upload ToK stuff. Looking around, I think you are right about the regular assignment.
  • 17 May Edward Downes
    Marking & Moderation
    Hi Jim, Probably more of a question for a ManageBac question for an IB coordinator but thought I would ask it just in case. Is there a separate section for math IAs on ManageBac? Or is it normal to just create a regular assignment?
  • 15 May Jim Noble
    N & A Internet Guide
    Thanks for spotting this Kris - I will look in to what has happened! Jim
  • 15 May Jim Noble
    Dr Who
    Hi Both, Think this is fixed now! Let me know if you have any further problems.... Thanks for pointing it out, Jim
  • 15 May Kris Austin
    N & A Internet Guide
    Hi all. Great site. I'm loving the activities etc. But on a few pages there seems to be no materials (such as this one)
  • 15 May Kris Austin
    Dr Who
    Me too. I was going to try another browser. But there are a number of references to videos that I can't see.
  • 12 May Lynne Wilson
    Dr Who
    I'm not seeing any videos on this it because I don't have Cabri Geometry?
  • 9 May Cassandra Harrison
    G & T Practice
    Can you post the answers to 3D Geometry IB style Questions? Thanks!
  • 5 Apr Jim Noble
    Criteria for students
    Hi Paddy - My advice - students could show the stages of a chi2 independence test using a spreadsheet. As such, all the stages of the calculation can be seen.... If you look at the student writing guide on this page there is a worked example...
  • 3 Apr Paddy Williams
    Criteria for students
    Hi Jim, just to follow up on your comment in the General Advice for Criterion C... Do you expect the student to actually show manual calculation of the Chi Sqd Calc value to justify a sophisticated process? Or once they've shown how to get...
  • 29 Mar Jim Noble
    Focus on Sets
    Thanks - should be fixed now...
  • 29 Mar Jim Noble
    Focus on - Quadratic Models
    Thanks Lois!