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This site has everything you need to supplement your course: notes, exam prep, IA tips, and activities. What I most love about this site is that the activities are all ready to go - the handouts, answers, and resources are all there for you. Not only...

Valerie Koch, International School of Zug and Lucern, Switzerland

This site is very helpful for students and useful for teachers ,I used the worksheets and questions a lot in my teaching studies,all ideas about internal assessment also are meaningful and students can benefit from them.

Sana Saeed, Modern Knowledge Schools, Bahrain

Well thought out and designed tasks. Easy navigation. Quality materials for deep learning across all topics. Regularly updated and new materials added. Responds to feedback. AMAZING TIME SAVER! Never without a quality lesson or idea for a class.

Melissa Griffin, Phuket International Academy Day School, Thailand


Final Report to teachers

18 June 2018

This is just a quick post to try and spread the word about the latest curriculm review report which has been published on MyIB. You will need... more

Problems with surveys

8 June 2018

Like many of you I hope, I have completed the G2 form which is a review of the exam that students did this year in May. I think it is excellent... more


21 May 2018

At my school, we will have an evening for propsective IB students and their parents in late October or early November 2018, which means we need... more

Subscriber comments

  • 18 Aug Jim Noble
    Statistics Practice
    Hi Martina, I took the opportunity to re do that question set. it is now another set of 50 marks on correlation and regression with answers included at the back. Thanks for spotting this, Jim
  • 14 Aug Jim Noble
    Statistics Practice
    Hi Martina - thanks, I will have a look as soon as I can, Thanks, Jim
  • 10 Aug William Hanna
    Number & Algebra
    All are amazing!!! Thanks a google
  • 23 Jul martina anfuso
    Statistics Practice
    Hello! The linear regression worksheet only has 3 questions but has question numbers that go to up to 7. :o) Martina
  • 9 Jul Jim Noble
    Project Problems
    Well that would certainly cover is Patrice so it is probably good advice! Thanks
  • 5 Jul Patrice Djangy
    Project Problems
    Hi Grant and Jim From my point of view, they should retype the formulas and mention the references from where they took them.
  • 6 Jun Jim Noble
    Dancing Quadratics
    Hi Dulce - Sure - I don't know what tech platform you are using - I recommend using desmos, if you enter a function in terms of a variable then you will be asked if you want the variable to be a slider so you can dynamically change the value...
  • 5 Jun Dulce Macalino
    Dancing Quadratics
    Hi. i am interested learning and making the dancing quadratics, im figuring out. can you help me? thanks.
  • 31 May Jim Noble
    Sets of Quadrilaterals
    Hi Hana, well spotted, I think I have fixed it now and the applet should be embedded in this page again now, Thanks, Jim
  • 31 May Hana Skuckova
    Sets of Quadrilaterals
    Hi James, where can I access the applet for 'All squares are rectangles'. I would love to try this activity. Thanks Hana
  • 20 May Traci Whalen
    May TZ2 exams
    Has anyone put together the Mark Scheme for these exams yet?
  • 26 Apr MA. Rhosezal Torcuator
    Electronic Uploads
    Thank you for sharing, this is really helpful.