This site has everything you need to supplement your course: notes, exam prep, IA tips, and activities. What I most love about this site is that the activities are all ready to go - the handouts, answers, and resources are all there for you. Not only...

Valerie Koch, International School of Zug and Lucern, Switzerland

This site is very helpful for students and useful for teachers ,I used the worksheets and questions a lot in my teaching studies,all ideas about internal assessment also are meaningful and students can benefit from them.

Sana Saeed, Modern Knowledge Schools, Bahrain

Well thought out and designed tasks. Easy navigation. Quality materials for deep learning across all topics. Regularly updated and new materials added. Responds to feedback. AMAZING TIME SAVER! Never without a quality lesson or idea for a class.

Melissa Griffin, Phuket International Academy Day School, Thailand

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  • 15 Aug Jason Robbins
    Applications HL Scheme of Work
    Hi Oliver, I get the same "access key" page as Jean when I try to visit some of the resource locations (i.e. and ). Here is a screenshot: . Thanks.
  • 13 Aug Ryan Mullen
    Percentage Error
    Aren't the sections for the syllabus links incorrect? I am reading that percentage error is SL 1.6 on the new application syllabus.
  • 12 Aug Oliver Bowles
    Applications HL Scheme of Work
    Hi Jean, sincerest apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Can you send me a screenshot of what you see when you try to access the poster: as I've not been able to get the same "access key" request when I log-in....
  • 11 Aug Jim Noble
    Marking & Moderation
    Hi Martina, well spotted. I have put a link in to the places where marked projects can be found! Good luck, Jim
  • 10 Aug martina anfuso
    Marking & Moderation
    the marking examples links are missing :o( I'd love to do some summer work! Thank you. Martina Anfuso St. Stephen's School Rome
  • 9 Aug Jim Noble
    N & A Practice
    Hi, We are on it! Will let you know when they are in place... thanks, Jim
  • 9 Aug Jim Noble
    Aims for the new courses
    Hi Lesley They are now! Thanks, Jim
  • 8 Aug Lesley Twiss
    Aims for the new courses
    Love this! Is this available for me to download?
  • 3 Aug Aswathy Mary Joseph
    N & A Practice
    Hello, It will be great if you can provide worksheets on annuity and amortization as it is there in Application and Interpretation. I have a doubt. Do we have currency conversion (which was there in math studies SL) in Application and Interpretation?...
  • 2 Aug Jean Alavata
    Applications HL Scheme of Work
    Hello, I am trying to access SL/HL overview posters however it says I need an access key.
  • 29 Jul Jim Noble
    Mock Exam
    Hi Scott, apologies for confusion. This page is for the current studies syllabus. Here, there are sample papers for the new AI SL course. HL ones will follow.... hope that helps, Jim
  • 29 Jul Jim Noble
    Tell us what you think.
    Hi JoAnna, The site will cater for both AI SL and HL in time, Its going to be a busy year!!! Out of interest, what will you start with? Jim