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This Years projects 2018 15 September 2018

I did this last year because I think that the more we hear about and share the 'ideas' behind internal assessments, the better we get at understanding the scope of possibility. At workshops I often challenge... more

Final Report to teachers 18 June 2018

This is just a quick post to try and spread the word about the latest curriculm review report which has been published on MyIB. You will need your MyIB log in details to access this, but here is a link... more

Problems with surveys 8 June 2018

Like many of you I hope, I have completed the G2 form which is a review of the exam that students did this year in May. I think it is excellent to have the opportunity to do that and understand that the... more

2019 21 May 2018

At my school, we will have an evening for propsective IB students and their parents in late October or early November 2018, which means we need to have answers to some key questions before then. That... more

May TZ2 exams 11 May 2018

I got my first look at the May 2018 TZ2 papers today and I thought I would write a quick reflection. Clealry it is important for us, as teachers, to have a good look through the papers so that we can... more

Subject report and IA 1 March 2018

This post is about some points to consider before people submit their May 2018 Internal assessment marks and samples. It is always a good idea to pay careful attention to the subject report from the last... more

New Curriculum 10 February 2018

This is just a quick post to remind everyone that we are about 18 months away from the first teaching of the new courses. In school terms 18 months is a long time (there are two summer holidays in there)... more

Re-organisation 25 September 2017

This is just a quick blog post to explain some reorganisation that is coming up for this section of the site so as to explain any gaps or unfinished looking parts. Currently under assessment you have... more

First Draft Feedback 2 July 2017

This post will eventually be a full page in the new structure of the IA section. For now I thought it might be interesting to share as a blog post. This year I have 17 students in my IB1 class and we... more

Venns in the news 24 May 2017

I love how often we see venn diagrams in a variety of different contexts. I think they are seen as particularly powerful visualisations and rightly so. Like most mathematics in the media though, I wonder... more