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La Face

Monday 30 December 2013

Challenges for the new year!

So I am lucky enough to be spending the New Year in the French Alps and enjoying some great wintery weather, lovely snow and some great skiing with my family. The photo on the left is a picture of a black run in Val D'Isere called La Face which bears down on the village offering us all the challenge it presents. It got me thinking about what challenges I will set myself for teaching the maths studies course this year (I may yet chicken out of La Face and satisfy myself with some good teaching challenges instead!) I have also chosen 'Fermats Last Theorem' by Simon Singh as my holiday read am I am really enjoying the ease with which Simon Singh tells the story and makes the mathematics accessible. I love how holidays and all that give you a proper chance to reflect and think about things.

Anyway, I have two key drivers for the new year...

1. Applications of mathematics. I want to find more, real applications of the mathematics on the studies course to bring in to the classroom.

2. Bring some mathematical stories to life in the classroom. I want more activities that help students understand what mathematics really is and how it has developed.....

watch this space.....

La Face
30 Dec 2013


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