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Revision Resources

Monday 27 January 2014

So I am writing this blog post as a statement of intent about revision resources that I need to make for my IB2 class sitting their exam in May. This is the first time through the new syllabus and so I have some replacement of old resources to do. For years I have used some revision packs that I made at  the start of the last new syllabus. Most of this is not available through this site because it uses lots of IB copyrighted questions. This year I am going to be revising all of these and making some new original IB style questions to go with them. The following outlines my plans for creating revision packs.

I am going to create 6 revision packs, one for each of the main syllabus areas,

  1. Number and Algebra
  2. Statistics (Both sections together)
  3. Logic, Sets and Probability
  4. Geometry and Trigonometry
  5. Mathematical Models (Functions)
  6. Calculus

Each pack will consist of the following structure,

A comprehension task - This is a series of questions designed to prompt students to think about their knowledge. As such they are different from exam style practice questions. Students might typically search their notes or texts in order to answer these questions.

Creating quick reference notes - This is an exercise in studnets making the note cards they can use for last minute reviews. making these 'cards' is an excellent exercise and they can be really useful. We need to be realistic about what can be acheived and so I am suggetsing a handful of note cards for each main topic.

Practice IB Style Questions  - Once students have reviewed ideas they need to try and put them i to practice with some new questions. To do this there should be 10 - 15 paper 1 and 2 style questions that students have never seen before and look like those they might get in the exam.

So obviously there is a good deal of work involved in creating these resources, although I will be reworking some old stuff too. the aim is to produce these one at a time based on the following timetable,

  1. Number and Algebra - Thursday 26th February
  2. Statistics (Both sections together) - Thursday 26th February
  3. Logic, Sets and Probability - Thursday 5th March
  4. Geometry and Trigonometry - Thursday 5th March
  5. Mathematical Models (Functions) - Thursday 12th March
  6. Calculus - Thursday 12th March

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