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Sunday 12 July 2015

Something different!

Hi all, this is just a quick post to share my plans for the near future with you. Term has just ended for us here in Toulouse and the long summer holidays are just beginning. This year felt a bit odd for me though since I am not planning to go back to work there until January 2016. I have been negotiating with my school for ways to change things a little so that I can develop some more ideas I have to help teachers and students of mathematics and, in particular, those of the IB Mathematical Studies courses. So, all that means that I have the next 6 months set a side to really take this website to the next level amongst other things.

I must confess that I am quite looking forward to a little break from the madness that is school life. I guess most of us feel like that as holidays approach. I like the idea of being able to manage my own time and am about to find out if I have the discipline. I also think that I will be really keen to get back to school in January. That will be swiftly followed by being totally exhausted 2 weeks later no doubt.


Anyway, as I have already said, taking this site to the next level is high up my priority list. I will also be spending some time on teachMathematics posting lots of new ideas. Along with that, I am working on some student support resources for Maths studies - more to follow. With reference to this site, here are some of my immediate priorities.....

More great ideas and resources for teaching - I still think this is the most important part of our jobs and I have lots of ideas in the making that need polishing and posting.

More IB style questions - A number of you have made this request and so this is a major area that I hope will blossom in this time period.

More on the IB core - with the new requirements for evidence of unit planning, I will help teachers to document and take advantage of the opportunities there are to help students develop learner profile attributes and make the important links with ToK and so on.

Correction of errors - I know that these errors are littered around the site and I do try my best to track them down and correct.


I'd love to hear from people about what they think of the site and what areas they would like to see developed. Let me steer you to this page again so you can 'Tell us what you think!'


I will also be doing some face to face and online workshops in that time. Please think about signing up if you can and recommend to your colleagues and friends in other schools

Inthinking Workshops

Category 1 - New teachers (new and new to IB) Barcelona, 25th to 27th September 2015

Category 2 - Experienced teachers Barcelona, 5th to 7th February 2016

Philpot Education

​Category 2 - Experienced teachers, Amsterdam, 17th - 19th September

IB Online workshops

Category 3 - IBDP Mathematics and ICT, 19th August - 16th September, 2015

Category 3 - IBDP Mathematics and ICT, 25th November - 23rd December, 2015


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