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Life's Complexities

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Hope that we can understand

This is a great 10 minute video from Hannah Fry based on how mathematics might be able to help us answer the question above. She starts by giving us examples of why things might seem so hopelessly complex that we are never likely to get any understanding of them and then cleverly shows us some other examples of how maybe we might. There is a nice useable example in there about the last London riots and the distances the rioters lived from the places they rioted. Equally there is some more complex mathematics about how 'Burglary hotspots' resemble the patterns of leopard spots - and an understandable explanation for why!

I think this cane be used in two ways.......

1. The very real example of the correlation between distance rioters live from the riot sites and the number riots is a good contextual example to use when looking at this bit of statistics. 

2. That combined with the other example is great for 'Project Inspiration' it is a good length and I think students will find it interesting.

12 Jul 2015


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