Percentage perception

Wednesday 14 December 2016

New Data

Many of you will have seen the activity on  Percentage Perception and how it is used to explore data on our perception of how many people where we live are Muslim. It is a rich activity with a ton of ToK possibilities as well as mathematics. I recently used this again at a teacher conference and was asked the question about how recent the data is. Of ocourse this is absolutely the right question and the data is geeting on a bit now. Equally, we would hope that our students would ask the same question. I think we can still use the activity for a while, but I was delighted to see thie article toady with some new data.

Even better, the new data comes with a new headline for us to explore. There is a new graphic and a scetion on predictions for 2020 as well! So much to talk about! I am looking forwrad to getting in to the data and updating the activity!
11 Mar 2017
Picture this
1 Sep 2016


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