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Exam Season
13 Apr 19
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23 Dec 18
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17 Jun 18
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Exam Season

Saturday 13 April 2019

I just wanted to write a quick blog post to help people be aware about resources that are available to support students through the exam season! I always have mixed feelings about this time of year. On the one hand, it is often the moment when the nature of actvities becomes more mechanical and the focus is a little more on cramming and exam technique than I would choose. On the other hand, it is also the moment where - hopefully - everything can come together. The last bits of hard work where all these ideas make sense simultaneously. Students are stressed, but also often they are switched on and ultimately receptive. I'll be glad for them when the exams are done. In the mean time, lets make the most of the remaining available time! Good luck to all tecahers and students out there for the coming season.

Whats on the site?

Here is a list of pages that you will want to make sure you know about.

Exam Revision Packs

Helping students to prepare for the exams!NEW - The Calculus pack has landed - This page is the home of a series of revision packs designed for the final stages of the course. We all run our courses differently,...

Revision Calendar

In many schools, IB students will be granted study leave in the weeks leading up to exams. Sometimes this time coincides with holidays depending where you are. Either way, this period can be make or break...

Exam Advice

This page is a simple list of things that you can do and prepare for relating to exam technique. Small things that can make a big difference. We should all know that there are more things to life than...

Visit to find out moreI would like you all to know about this resource I have been developing for students. It came from a genuine desire to be able to give my own students a really...

Lucky Dip

The lucky dip idea is really quite a simple one, its easy to explain and its a good one for last minute checking. In short, each of the syllabus items are printed, copied and cut out into small bits....

Notes Files

As mentioned before, these files have arisen from looking for a solution to note taking in class. The result has become a useful revision tool. I did not want to spend time creative comprehensive notes...

Common Errors

Common errors are both surprising and then not! There are bound to be things that are that much more difficult or that much more likely to be left out, but at the same time, if we know about them then...


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