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First Draft Feedback 2 July 2017

This post will eventually be a full page in the new structure of the IA section. For now I thought it might be interesting to share as a blog post. This year I have 17 students in my IB1 class and we... more

Venns in the news 24 May 2017

I love how often we see venn diagrams in a variety of different contexts. I think they are seen as particularly powerful visualisations and rightly so. Like most mathematics in the media though, I wonder... more

This year's projects 19 May 2017

I thought I would write this post about the topics my students have chosen for their IAs this year. I am busy re writing the IA section of the website (Big job) which will include some new resources about... more

Project Planning 5 May 2017

Just a quick post! As one class gets through exams, the other is starting to think about projects. Here is a new image I made to help them brainstorm ideas! More to come soon in the IA section. I spent... more 11 March 2017

I am excited to be able to tell you about this new resource I have been developing for students. It came from a genuine desire to be able to give my own students a really useful support resource as they... more

Percentage perception 14 December 2016

Many of you will have seen the activity on Percentage Perception and how it is used to explore data on our perception of how many people where we live are Muslim. It is a rich activity with a ton of... more

Picture this 1 September 2016

Just sharing what I did today with one of my Mathematical Studies classes as a warm up exercise for the new term. We played a few rounds of this 'picture this game' with a view to reflecting on how students... more

IB Americas 31 July 2016

So I was lucky enough to be taken to the IB Americas conference with the 'inthinking' team a couple of weeks ago. We went to man an exhibition stand aimed at spreading the gospel of the inThinking subject... more

Results! 7 July 2016

As my school enters its summer holidays and a new set of exam results are due, I wanted to share some related reflections I have had. The truth is, this time of year terrifies me and excites me all the... more

Further Processes 11 February 2016

The following is a reply I have found myself giving often regarding the use of 'Further processes' in Internal assessment. the question is 'Is there a comprehensive list of processes that can be considered... more