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New Syllabusfree18 May 2019

The word is out! What do you need to know and how are we helping?You can now find the guides for the the two new mathematics courses on MYIB at this link (you will need your password for access). They... more

A management examplefree18 May 2019

Everything in one place - The main feature of this strategy is to have student complete all the stages of their work from conception to write up, on a Google doc (and a spreadsheet) that is shared between... more

Keep track18 May 2019

This page is a brief description of the following example spreadsheet that teachers can use to keep track of all of the shared documents they have created for students as well as the whole assessment... more

A project google sheet18 May 2019

This is just a simple overview to remind students of the key reasons for doing thisStudents can save themselves lots of problems with their projects by assembling their data well and logically. more

A project Google doc18 May 2019

This page outlines the features of the Google doc to keep track of student progress and development of their project from start to finish. The strategy is discussed here on the A management example page,... more

Number Ones - Project journey8 May 2019

This page is designed to give an example of how students might go from an idea or an inspiration to an actual project that fits the criteria. As teachers we have to work hard to keep this journey on track... more

GDP and Fertility4 May 2019

This is a nice example of a relatively simple project that is clear and to the point. Human Geography is a popular topic for projects because it is an area that interests a lot of our students. The project... more

Exam Advice30 April 2019

This page is a simple list of things that you can do and prepare for relating to exam technique. Small things that can make a big difference. We should all know that there are more things to life than... more

Top Marksfree30 April 2019

This is a page with advice about what it takes to hit the top grades - 6s and 7s in the Maths Studies exams. Everyone has different starting points and different goals, but this page is specifically about... more

Category 1 Workshopfree26 April 2019

Category 1 - Workshop - Lisbon - 8 - 10 November 2019This workshop is designed to prepare participants to teach DP Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation. As such, the workshop is designed for those... more