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Pearson's Correlation Coefficientfree23 July 2019

This activity is an example of where I would envisage teaching the same material, slightly differently, with an HL only or HL/SL level 5+ class than with a purely SL or SL Low level 5 and below classes.... more

Covariance 23 July 2019

This activity provides an intuitive insight into the concepts and techniques/calculations mathematicians used to solve the problem of "measuring" the differences in correlation. In particular, those that... more

Scattertasticfree22 July 2019

'Use the power of these virtual manipulatives to play with the ideas behind scattergraphs, correlation and lines of best fit.'The study of statistics at school is a great opportunity to show mathematics... more

SL Investment Intuition - Simulations19 July 2019

Investment 1Use "ZOOM" options in your internet browser if you can't see the whole applet (top of y-axes to the bottom) on one screen.Click on the "PLAY" button , BOTTOM LEFT, to start the animation and... more

SL Investment Intuition - Compounding19 July 2019

Sometimes our intuition/gut feeling for numbers can lead us astray.What's the best way your parents could help to make your life easier? I'm sure you can think of many ways. . ! One way would be to invest... more

SL Amortization and Annuities19 July 2019

The '2018 State of the Nation's Housing' report from Harvard university states that more than 1 In 3 households pay over 30% of their income in housing costs (rental or mortgage payments). Furthermore,... more

Which Calculator (GDC) is best?19 July 2019

The IB works hard, alongside the calculator manufacturers, to try and ensure that no calculator confers an advantage over another.Which calculator is "best" often depends on which calculator the teacher... more

Intuitive - which GDC is easiest to 'work out'19 July 2019

How easy is it for a student to find the calculation/function they are looking for? The emphasis here is on working out how to do something without any help from someone (teacher/peer) or something (manual):... more

Graphics Display Calculators (GDC)19 July 2019

Video Tutorials for the TiNspire and Casio calculators (HP Prime to follow . . . .).Below you will find links to a growing number of video tutorials on how to use your TiNspire or Casio calculator, categorised... more

Stats & Probability GDC15 July 2019

Video Tutorials/Activities for the TiNspire and Casio (HP Prime to follow . . . .).Below you will find links to a growing number of video tutorials on how to use your TiNspire or Casio calculator, for... more