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Numerical (GDC) integrationfree24 October 2019

'Often there is NO analytical solution. Numerical methods are needed''In science, and particularly in engineering, where mathematics has to be applied in a complex world, there is often no exact mathematical... more

Speed-Time Graphsfree24 October 2019

'Match the moving object to the graph'You will have already investigated distance-time graphs using activities such as: Distance Time Graphs and Travel Graphs.Getting to grips with velocity-time graphs... more

SL Integration + Trapezium rule24 October 2019

Welcome to integration! A lot of fun is in store! It helps to remember that this topic, along with differentiation, is the best description humans have yet invented for measuring, describing and calculating... more

Area Function24 October 2019

'Is there a pattern to the area under straight lines?'Students will investigate the areas under straight lines using the below applet - is there a pattern?This helps develop the key skill of investigation,... more

Numerical Integration Quiz24 October 2019

The following questions are designed to practice modelling a real world situation using the Trapezoid rule to find the displacement given by a velocity-time graph. There methods are necessary where no... more

Distance, Speed and Time24 October 2019

The following questions provide some quick practice to test students understanding for calculating displacement(distance), velocity(speed) or time, given data on the other two. The questions have been... more

Favourite movies5 October 2019

This is a student that struggles a lot with some fundamental mathematical ideas and applications of those ideas and - as such - the project is not breathtaking. That said, the student has followed their... more

Aircraft5 October 2019

I enjoyed this project because the candidate was generally able to pursue and area of interest to him. The project is simple and very much in the spirit intended, particularly by the changes in the last... more

Gun Crimefree5 October 2019

This project is a good, clear example of how a student can get high marks with simple, but clear ideas. The project involves the collection of data on gun crime and gun ownership in different countries... more

Site Updatesfree29 September 2019

Get a detailed summary of every change and update here.One of the major advantages of web based resources must be that they remain dynamic. Whilst I hope there is already a significant amount of very... more