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N & A New Syllabus 2019free16 July 2018

With changes just around the corner, this page is to help us all understand what changes are coming and the new syllabus compares with the old syllabus. There is already a lot of information available... more

Site Updatesfree9 July 2018

Get a detailed summary of every change and update here.One of the major advantages of web based resources must be that they remain dynamic. Whilst I hope there is already a significant amount of very... more

Focus on - Exponential models1 July 2018

The exponential function is set apart from other families of functions because of the fundamental impact of having the variable in the exponent. It stops being a multiplier and starts being more 'powerful'... more

Sets of Quadrilaterals31 May 2018

'All squares are rectangles!?!? - do you agree? What else can we say about quadrilaterals?'Look at quadrilaterals like you never have done before! Using dynamic geometry (geogebra) or the applet below,... more

The Normal Distribution2 May 2018

The normal distribution is a fascinating, naturally occurring phenomenon that has very relevant applications to understanding the world around us. When a data set is normally distributed it has some key... more

Mock Exam14 April 2018

'A paper students have not seen before'This page offers two whole exam papers that students will not have seen before. As I teacher I find I can never have enough practice of exam style questions and... more

Exam Revision Packs2 April 2018

Helping students to prepare for the exams!NEW - The Calculus pack has landed - This page is the home of a series of revision packs designed for the final stages of the course. We all run our courses differently,... more

Calculus Practice9 March 2018

Practice questionsThis page has a variety of tasks designed for practise and revision. Practice questions are an important part consolidating students' understanding of a concept. They can be found from... more

Functions Internet Guidefree20 February 2018

This page is intended to list and outline some of the best resources available online to support the teaching and learning of this module. These will mostly be videos, virtual manipulatives and self help... more

Functions Teaching ideasfree12 February 2018

Here you should find a wealth of resources that can be used by you and your students for teaching this topic. The resources at the top of the page are activities and investigations aimed at creating a... more