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Focus on Sets29 March 2017

Sets, subsets, intersections and so on. Sets are a mathematical way of classifying objects by means of clear definitions. Any given object has a number of properties that can be sued to classify it and... more

Cuboid Challenge23 February 2017

This activity is really easy to describe, but difficult to carry out! It is a very hands on activity that should help develop a really good understanding of the geometry of pyramids. Making them is the... more

Television Series30 January 2017

In the age of user ratings (airbnb, trip advisor) more of our decisions are based on the views of 'the crowd' and those in the industry being rated will be increasingly interested in what it takes to... more

Twitter Venn19 January 2017

'How many tweets a day contain the words..... and...... and.......?'This twitter Venn application is really good for playing with Venn diagrams to really try and understand what they mean and how they... more

Comparing Data Distributions16 October 2016

'Whose results are best? Boys, Girls, Monkeys, Martians, Flying pigs, Babies or Robots?' All of the above species were asked to take a multiple choice mathematics test and the results were recorded. Now... more

Revision Day!10 October 2016

With the final exams looming, it can be helpful for students to organise a day that helps them identify their strengths and weaknesses and focus on them, whilst giving them an extra opportunity to get... more

Revision Calendar10 October 2016

In many schools, IB students will be granted study leave in the weeks leading up to exams. Sometimes this time coincides with holidays depending where you are. Either way, this period can be make or break... more

Lucky Dip10 October 2016

The lucky dip idea is really quite a simple one, its easy to explain and its a good one for last minute checking. In short, each of the syllabus items are printed, copied and cut out into small bits.... more

Resources for Revision10 October 2016

Obviously this is a crucial part of any exam program and over the year I have tried lots of different ideas. On this page you will find ideas about when and how revision can be offered and some recources... more

Past Paper Reviewfree10 October 2016

This section is intended as place to keep records of the different exams that have been produced for the syllabus in which the first exams were taken in May 2014. Reviewing these exams is a really important... more