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Student writing guide5 October 2016

This section offers students advice and guidance for writing their projects. This can be tricky for teachers. We have to walk the fine line between offering students constructive and supportive advice... more

Theory of Knowledge5 October 2016

To many teachers the theory of knowledge (ToK) element of teaching the IB diploma is completely new and it can be a little daunting at the same time. The good news is that ToK is a really exciting element... more

IB learner Profile5 October 2016

This page is about the IB Learner profile and how the fits with the Mathematical Studies. The IB learner profile is an ambitious list of attributes that IB students can be aspiring to. The role of the... more

Unit planning5 October 2016

This page explains how this website intends to help teachers with unit planning to make sure that they have evidence to show they are considering all of the elements set out in the ​ ATTL approaches... more

ATTL and planning5 October 2016

In January 2015,the IBO published the first of its documents entitled 'Approaches to teaching and learning' designed to help and encourage IBDP teachers to think about all the elements of effective teaching... more

IB Core5 October 2016

Teaching any of the subjects as part of the IB Diploma program involves a solid knowledge of the 'core' of the IB, the central philosophy and the over arching aims for IB Diploma students. This is an... more

Optimal Jumble4 October 2016

'Piece this puzzle together by splitting up the three problems into a logical order'This problem is all about the 9 steps of 3 different optimisation problems. These have been cut up in to 27 pieces and... more

Measuring Gradientsfree4 October 2016

'Measure gradients and see for yourself the relationship between a function and its gradient'This activity is all about collecting and analysing some results for yourselves. Technology allows us to do... more

Rates of Change4 October 2016

'Distance, speed and acceleration - how does one affect the other?'The concepts behind calculus begin with understanding the notion of 'rate of change'. Kinematics - the study of moving objects is a really... more

Classifying Sequences4 October 2016

'What makes one sequence different from another?'This activity takes the study of sequences on to a new level. Look at all of the sequences provided in this activity and see if they can be classified... more